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Reviewed by zebedee-60265 1 / 10

Dumb & Dumber conquer the outback (AKA Urine the Outback)

2 imbeciles follow their sat nav off road into the middle of nowhere. They then leave their car, which still worked and had fuel, left the dirt road and walked into the bush and got completely lost. The rest of the film centres around drinking lots of urine. They also have a working smart phone and make silly emotional selfie videos but never think to check the GPS or Google maps. Dumber dies cause the idiot drank winshield wipper fluid thinking was water , and Dumb survives by drinking Dumbers urine, how sweet!!

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 5 / 10

Too long of a slow burn with lots of filler and little substance.

Novice director and writer Mike Green makes his full length feature film debut with Outback, his resume having preceded only a handful of short films - of which this one probably should've been.

It's an 86 minute long slow paced true story about some relationship arguments and tons of walking - I mean tons, in the constantly same barren setting of the Australian Outback, adding a few critters here and there. The two leads didn't help much in elevating any of the films suspense - of what little there was. Taylor Wiese as Wade was pretty much bland and monotonic, and unconvincing when the dramatics began, and Lauren Lofberg as Lisa was annoying right from the start. Any chemistry between them seemed forced and fake. It's not like they're inexperienced actors, but it sure seemed like this was their first ever role. I'm sure it was mostly Green's inexperience on how to direct his cast.

The cinematography was decent, and I really enjoyed the soundtrack, and although the score was fitting for the most part, it was obnoxious when the dramatics began. This story was very repetitive and uninteresting to be a full length film, unless some Hollywood dramatics were added. I respect Green's decision to keep it accurate, but it should've been a short film, or at best a 1 hour long TV film - considering the lack of available substance that needed lots of filler to reach its runtime.

Reviewed by TruthSeeker4Life 1 / 10

This movie is a total waste of time! Even those with an IQ below 70....

First, who the HECK asks their girlfriend to marry them right as they are about to start their vacation together? Especially, since he should have likely known how she felt which would give him some sort of inclination of whether she is going to say yes or no. Its not like you know for sure, but through convos, and sharing feelings along with hopes for the future, it will give anyone enough clarity about if they should or they shouldn't, so with the movie starting on that note i knew this was going to be idiotic and very unintelligent! Any guy with two brain cells knows its better to ask during the 2 week vacation or at the end of the vacation if its gone extremely well because that way you are not stuck with someone the entire time! I think he thought he could push her into saying yes simply because she didn't want to have a horrible vacation hahaha This guy seems like the manipulative type! But I digress...

The movie had no real meaning to it. Just a couple with very low IQ's driving around the Outback and got lost because of their GPS system. They have some sort of idea to go walk up a peek to see if they can see something any where near them because they are lost. The peek was not very high. Somehow they got lost and couldn't find their way back to the car which means these people are severely unintelligent and likely mentally handicapped. The guy thinks his girlfriend is dead because she got bit by something or fell and injured her shoulder. I have no idea what happened because I was making myself a bowl of cereal and didn't care to rewind this horrible film but at that point i was already invested. She wakes up and he is gone and freaks out. He goes back to his car while drink massive loads of his own urine and made the radical health gurus that say to drink your morning urine everyday seem like something you might want to do and wouldn't be so bad. Then the guy has the great idea of drinking his windshield washer fluid but totally ignored the fuel he had in his trunk and in the car which he could have lit on fire because they showed him with a lighter when he got back to the car and a lighter that worked. Had he lit a major fire with that amount of gasoline then there would certainly be someone who came out to stop it or to see what is going on. Then they both die. The end.

Seriously though, I cannot get how people get funded to make pure dung like this! I mean, you people should be ashamed of yourselves. There was literally no point in this film and nothing about it was scary. The screen writing, the acting, the directing, it was garbage and the film was garbage. Nothing else aside from a couple with a posessive boyfriend and his girlfriend who likely gets around quite often and their horrible relationship until they day at the end of the movie. I mean, GREAT JOB GUYS! This was so thought provoking and scary at the same time. I really came out of this film with a renewed view of the world and I feel my life changing at this very instant because of this steamy pile cow dung! I hope most of you never work a real film again if you don't learn from this horrid mistake of a film!

I don't like leaving bad reviews, but this was such a waste of time, and I am certain I could have made a far better movie with a least a plot that was worth watching! Watching a couple bicker and be passive aggressive for the entire film is really genius! Bravo! You must feel really good about your work here. You must think you're all going to BE STARS LOLLLL

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