Paradise Murdered

2007 [KOREAN]

Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 287

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffset 6 / 10

Thrill but not fun enough!

Just watched this movie, not so different from others korean movie. Their gruesome, dark, horror are the common element in korean movie. If you have ever watch The Quiet Family 1998 by Kim Jee Woon(I Saw The Devil), they might look same.By the way, Paradise Murdered tell a story about a group of 17 inhabitants in 'Paradise Island'. They have a good life there. One day, 3 man killed by someone. Then, their happiness broke out and turn to become suspicious with each other.

Its a black-comedy movie, but sorry to say because its comedy didn't do well but more frightening. I think they make a mistake for trying to put comedy element in this movie because it can be much better with just drama-thriller alone. We can predict what will happen next just from their awkward joke and thats so annoying. By the way, its still a good thriller movie to watch but its just forgettable. Worth watching for audiences who want to try the korean cinema for the first time.

Reviewed by secrective 8 / 10

korean mystery keeps you guessing til the end!

wow. well, where to start? i'm not going to explain the plot or movie because it might ruin the twists and turns this movie takes you on.

Paradise Murdered starts off on a small island community of people and workers in south Korea. someone turns up murdered and some detectives have been sent in to figure out just what the hell happened.

a very claustrophobic thriller, is it a north korean spy? a curse placed on the island? a ghost coming for revenge or a simple fight over some gambling debt? korean cinema has really knocked out some great films like 'memories of murder' and 'the good the bad and the weird' and 'the chaser' and 'i saw the devil' and 'the host' and this is no exception.

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