Paris 05:59

2016 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2700

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidvmcgillivray-24-905811 10 / 10

Gay love story of our time could become a classic

This is the most mature work to date from Ducastel and Martineau, whose "Ma Vie" and "Cockles and Muscles" had reasonably wide distribution. It won't be to everyone's taste because it begins with a long, explicit sequence shot in a Paris sex club. It soon becomes apparent that the (unsimulated) sex between the two leads (Geoffrey Couet and Francois Nambot) is crucial to the plot. The lovers hope that they may be able to have a relationship; but a dreadful realisation leads to a crisis. Couet and Nambot, who are that rarity, actors who can have sex and portray characters with equal conviction, spend much of the film walking and bicycling through Paris, deserted in the early hours of the morning. These scenes are memorably shot by Manuel Marmier. A lot of viewers are going to want to re-trace their route. Along the way they meet Parisians who may have something to teach them. The final scene is beautifully written and will stay with you. All the performances are exemplary. Although the film has links with classic French cinema, notably "Cleo From 5 to 7", it is also a film of our time. It could easily become a seminal gay drama that will take its place with "Victim", "Cruising" and "Taxi zum Klo". Many other films have tried and failed to achieve the results the directors have achieved seemingly without effort.

Reviewed by wolfsg 9 / 10

This is definitely a keeper

The first 20 minutes is pure pornography. It is not done distastefully but it is still pure pornography. While that scene is essential to the entire story, it could have been shortened to a lesser 5 or 10 minutes of lesser explicit sex without jeopardizing the story line. But if you are turned on by gay orgies then you have nothing to complain.

But it is after that marathon sex scene that the film took on a completely substantial value. The performance by the two young actors is good but what makes this a masterpiece is the overall story line and flow. It is a real-time film, meaning the time frame of the story being depicted is the real time frame of the length of the film. It really draws you in - if you allow it to. In typical French fashion, it's the undercurrent tension that grips you rather than anything in-your-face. On a deeper level it reminds me a little of Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky), not in the nature of the plot but in the subtle yet strong alternating waves of emotions: between morbid fear and banal carefreeness; between romance and anger; between naive innocence and bitter reality; between hope and despair, all happening with the dark, ordinary yet enigmatically charming Paris, as the stage (you won't see any glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, nor the Sacre Coeur nor the dirty ghettos - you see the real Paris ordinaire). It is a plot that lends itself perfectly to French cinematography and style; a story that screams to be given the very French treatment of film making.

Reviewed by zap-77497 10 / 10

Someone Like Paris

I found this movie by chance from a movie magazine. I must say that I was expecting an average movie on gay issues. It was also in Paris and it might be interesting. The movie started with very real scenes from a sex bar in Paris (probably L'Impact). After sex bar scene, movie too all my heart, all my thoughts. As a gay guy who lived in Paris and experienced the similar scenes, I can say that none of movies can depict a love, a romance and a gay life like "Theo and Hugo" depicted. Hesitations between men for a possibility to start an affair, the desire between men, the atmosphere of sex bar, the feelings, walking lonely Paris streets as two guys, stopping in a kebab restaurant (Tarkan's song was in the background), dialogues... unbelievable... It was not like a movie.. it was like a real scenes... If you skip all gay stuff, it is a very beautiful story of a romance... very naive, very innocent...Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau must be congratulated also the players Geoffrey Couët, François Nambot. They all have done a great work. What I lived (incl. HIV+ stuff) when I was in Paris some time ago was exactly was in the movie. No exaggeration, no decoration... the movie streams like La Seine... peacefully, perfectly and glamorously. Thank you guys!

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