2008 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 11711

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Mélanie Laurent as Laetitia
François Cluzet as Philippe Verneuil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Siamois 8 / 10

Simply beautiful...

The movie is mostly made of vignettes following several characters, loosely interconnected in the city of Paris. Sounds familiar. To be honest, I've grown tired of the many dramas borrowing that formula. It's become an epidemic, especially since Magnolia. And so, I did not expect to enjoy Paris all that much. But I loved it and it moved me by its stripped down, sincere approach.

Director and writer Cédric Klapisch, unlike several of his contemporaries, did not feel the need to employ convoluted means to link these characters, or end the movie on some sort of unifying, highly artificial bang. Klapish wisely elects to concentrate on building strong characters. He succeeds, so much so that it becomes easy for him to create simple, believable story lines for them. The real link between them? They are fallible, restless, tentative, longing... in other words, they are human.

There's a large cast here and Klepish mostly concentrates on a few of them. Many of the smaller parts are actually as intriguing as the bigger roles and I caught myself wondering what would happen to those characters. But Klapisch stays the course and ends the movie much like it began. A lot is left unresolved, much like life. No Hollywood ending here but I could certainly have followed those characters for another hour if need be.

A beautiful, stripped down story but enough subtext and genuine quality to make for a great and lasting movie experience.

Reviewed by vic_voile 8 / 10

Paris seen from the inside

Being a Parisian myself, and a great fan of all other Klapisch movies, I expected a lot about this one. Well, I was pretty satisfied: although it is no masterpiece, the global atmosphere, and especially the gorgeous views of the city are very well put together. The actors are very convincing too, especially Juliette Binoche, radiant, Luchini, a surprisingly good dancer, and Albert Dupontel. It is just a pity that there are so many simultaneous stories, some of them don't really bring much to the plot and could have been cut, to leave more time to the others.

Anyway, I recommend this movie for all people who want to get a feel for what Paris is all about!

Reviewed by kerkevik 9 / 10

Complex study of a city and it's inhabitants.

A wonderfully complex study of both the city, and it's people on a wonderfully complex group of characters. Every one was as interesting as any other, regardless of the stature of the actor playing them, and you were invested in them all because of it. Juliette Binoche and Albert Dupontel were the most familiar names to me, but their characters were not allowed to dominate the story.

All along the way you were taken on journeys that were unsignposted and shocking, in some cases, because of it.

A quite extraordinary tale that deserves a far wider audience than it is likely to get. Overall the film was a shining example, in my opinion, of what makes French cinema the best in the world.

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