Paris, Wine and Romance



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Jen Lilley as Isabella
Roxanne McKee as Lacey
Dan Jeannotte as Jacques
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justhonestme 9 / 10

get lost in this movie

I actually had to get an IMDB account just to review this movie, because of the rather rough reviews. Rather than recognize that this movie is just a fun, loose yourself, get comfy, laugh and feel good movie, many reviewers have chosen to pick apart things like, is an actress pregnant, is the accent right or the pronunciation of a city correct. I say, COME ON is a Hallmark movie! This is a great movie to enjoy when you are relaxing with your feet up and having your own glass of wine. Best part is you will smile, laugh and most likely give that familiar Awe sound at a great ending. This is just one of the many films that has Hallmark Channels enjoying viewers and ratings that rival even the major networks.

Reviewed by slniteowl 7 / 10

Still an interesting movie

I enjoyed this movie. I liked the Paris scenes and also the unique story line around a wine competition. I didn't pick up on the mis-pronunciations since I don't know the correct pronunciation of Willamette to begin with. But, i do believe Hallmark should definitely have been aware of it and made sure the actors pronounced things correctly. As far as the supposed "bump," I wasn't aware of it until reading reviews. I noticed a woman whose body looked realistic and wasn't any too tight or too short of clothing. I could relate to her. Stop expecting women to have tiny waists and flat stomachs! I appreciated her being an independent, strong woman who didn't charge her life for a man. The ending was a big leap of faith for him and I struggled with that the most. Overall, though, I enjoyed this movie on a relaxing evening with my glass of wine.

Reviewed by barlowralph 8 / 10

Liked it!

Dear Other Reviewers, I don't care if the baby bump was visible, or if they mispronounced a few words, or if some of the geographical references were skewed ... it was a very cute story, well acted (mostly) and believable. I thought the chemistry between the two leads was very good. You need to remember that the actors are playing roles-in this case, a pregnant woman was playing a NON pregnant woman. Big deal. I liked it. 8 stars.

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