Party from Hell



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Top cast

Eric Roberts as Peter
Jackie Moore as Molly Cole / Tabby
Jennifer Field as Anna Carr
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nightroses 3 / 10

Mad party

It started off promising. Molly the apex predator was really scary with her expressions and red clothes, that you know is a killer from the very start. She was convincing and so charming to everyone that she pulled wool over their eyes. Then it went downhill, and the film didn't stick to the sensible and went for the nonsensical. She had this clever magical ability to appear anywhere, follows her prey like a vampire, without being caught. Then the murdered people left in her trail never seemed to alert authorities or appear on the news. The fact the "heroine" mother and business woman Denise wasn't in the least suspicious of Molly's background, but sacked her employee for trying to warn her about Molly. And Molly was able to do all this work before any paperwork appeared, a very shoddy office or script writing. There are too many mistakes and unrealistic things going on. The final scene was just comical. It was like a burst balloon!!!

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 8 / 10

Psycho Party Planner!

Having a party for a large group? Don't book Molly whatever you do! This movie's acting and tight script makes it a winner! Denise is looking for a party planner to celebrate the relaunch of her web app and Molly is taking care of all of the arrangements - including the ones that NO ONE planned on.....Very good movie and would definitely recommend!

Reviewed by tomfsloan 2 / 10

Disappointing, unless you like stupid.

Party From Hell is so impressive. You'll be so impressed with the snappy dialogue and superb acting and brilliant plot. Well, maybe not. In fact, not at all. It started out slow but that turned out to be the best part. Was this a first draft? This was kind of like a car accident. And speaking of car accidents, be sure to pay attention to the idiotic fender bender scene. "Tee hee, I was texting too...hardy harr harr". Although it is always fun to see Eric Roberts, it's a shame he had only two scenes. Peanut allergy? many times does that have to be written into a movie script? A bit hackneyed by now I'd say. What was the point of whole Rutledge thing? It was totally unnecessary to the plot. At the unveiling, the way the people stood around gasping at the dead woman, that was kind of stiff. Haha. Molly's soliloquy at the end was stupid. The knife scene was really stupid. Parts were even out of focus. Maybe it was better that way. "Molly's gone, it's ok.." what a stupid line.

Did someone actually give this script a green light?

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