Party Girl


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Vaughn Taylor as Dr. Caderman
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Vito Scotti as Hotel Clerk
Kent Smith as Jeffrey Stewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

A tough little film that's well worth watching.

It's interesting that Robert Taylor's last film under his long MGM contract ended so well with this tough little movie. While "Party Girl" is filmed in color and lacks the gritty dark look and unusual film angles of film noir, it is a nice near-noir film. Taylor plays an attorney with no soul. He has spent his career working for the mob and doesn't mind working for scum--as it pays very well! However, when Taylor meets a dancing girl who turns out to be quite decent (Cyd Charisse), his amoral attitude is shaken and he wants to leave his lucrative practice and do something decent with his life.

What makes this film is the excellent supporting cast working with Taylor (who, by the way, is quite good here). Lee J. Cobb is wonderful as the Al Capone-like mob boss and his henchmen (John Ireland, David Opatashu and Corey Allen) are all exceptional actors. Together, combined with a wonderful script and exceptional direction, it makes for a very good film indeed. Tough, cynical and a quality production throughout, this is a great swansong to his MGM career. The only deficits are the dancing numbers by Charisse and a mistake in the final scene where acid pours on Cobb's face but he's not the least bit burned. The dancing just wasn't necessary and tended to disrupt the dark tone of the film.

By the way, if you like this film, try also watching John Garfield in "Force of Evil". Its plot is very similar and is also an exceptional film.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Doesn't completely turn up the heat

Did like the idea of the story for 'Party Girl'. Have liked to loved a lot of director Nicholas Ray's other work, have always liked Cyd Charisse a fair bit (and been envious of those legs) and consider Lee J Cobb a great actor. Robert Taylor evokes more of a mixed reaction from me, and it has always been dependent on the character and what he has been given (both variable throughout his career), in some films he is good and more and in others he's dull.

He does come off well though and that will be mentioned again later on in the review. So does Cobb in a role perfect for him. Charisse was more of a mixed bag and Ray did much better work, especially 'In a Lonely Place' and 'A Rebel for a Cause', was very impressed by 'On Dangerous Ground' too. There are a lot of good and even great things about 'Party Girl' and it is a little above average, but considering the talent there was a lot of room for it to be so much more.

'Party Girl' has some absolutely gorgeous use of colour, with a lot of effort clearly put int the sets and costumes (or at least Charisse's elaborate wardrobe). The photography is equally beautiful, elegant while also gritty without being too orchestrated. There are signs of Ray's brilliance as a director, mainly when the film gets more tense. The musical interludes are beautifully choreographed and danced to charming enough if somewhat unexceptional music, which didn't distract too heavily. The music generally is atmospheric and enough of the story, which is far grittier than the title (which indicates that the film would be closer to a fluffy musical) suggests, is absorbing..

Taylor does more than capably in the lead, he is subdued but he is comfortable in that and he doesn't get dull or disengaged. Cobb is chillingly larger than life, subtle he isn't by a long shot but fun and menacing he is. John Ireland and Corey Allen make more than welcome contributions.

Sadly, there are debits too. Tonally, 'Party Girl' is a bit uncertain from making things more complicated than they needed to be and not everything gels. For my tastes, the romantic subplot is far too melodramatic in how it is written with the chemistry lukewarm at best. While memorable certainly, the climactic moments are rather too wild.

Charisse is the cast's weak link. She is wonderful in the musical interludes, as they play to her strengths, but more often than not she came over as awkward and her character almost too passive in the second half to an infuriating degree. The script could have been tauter and descended less into soapy melodrama.

In a nutshell, above average but a bit underwhelming. 6/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Mob Lawyer Redeemed

Party Girl marked the last film Robert Taylor did under contract for MGM. He did two more on option to them after this, but this one finished his studio contract. Taylor went out on a good nostalgic note with Party Girl.

This film must have had some nostalgic appeal for Taylor. It is set back when he would have been first getting the acting bug in Pomona University in the early thirties. Taylor is a gangland mouthpiece Tommy Farrell, who like that other Irish attorney mouthpiece played by Robert Duvall in The Godfather, has only one client.

That client is Lee J. Cobb playing Rico Angelo, boss of the Chicago rackets, and a man not to be trifled with. We meet Taylor first as he's getting Cobb's chief gunsill John Ireland off on a murder rap. Also meeting him for the first time is dancer Cyd Charisse who works at a club that Cobb owns.

Despite Taylor being crippled with a distinct limp (which he accents when he addresses a jury) she falls for him and Taylor goes to Europe for a year of surgeries to repair his legs and hip. Without Taylor around, Cobb makes some bad choices and with Charisse around Taylor starts to question his own ethics.

To see how this all gets resolved you'll have to watch a good film with the lead players settling into roles they're comfortable with.

With MGM getting out of the musical business parts were fewer and fewer for players like Cyd Charisse. Still because of her role her, she does get to do a few nice dance numbers that fit well with the story told.

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