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Karl Urban as Ghost
Clancy Brown as Gunnar
Moon Bloodgood as Starfire
Nicole Muñoz as Little Sister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michco 8 / 10

Don't think of this as a 'history lesson' ... just enjoy the story.

This film was very good. I really think the viewers should not even think about it being a 'history lesson' at all. It is very much a Frazetta style picture, with almost exactly the 'Death Dealer' painting portrayed. So with that in mind this is a movie of possible unknown 'raiders' who are just *way* too brutal and they just want to kill and maim and they need to be stopped at all costs by the natives of the land ... and so they need a hero.

I think this film is at least twice as good as "300", and here's why: although it has almost exactly the same 'graphic novel' look and feel, I like this film more because the storyline was very engaging, great characters, costumes, and cinematography. As you watch the movie each scene is distinct and new and really is memorable, and if you *really* squint your eyes you might even believe it (like 'Lord of the Rings'). There is lots of gore (heads lopped off, etc.) but that is the current styling of films anyways; I could do with a little less of it myself.

I loved the natives and how they're portrayed. The costumes and sets are fantastic! There's a bit of their mysticism, and honour (warriors are very 'brave'), and real sense of tribal bonding and family.

PS. Watch the DVD extras and you really 'get' where they were going, (who cares about the vikings having horns??). It's just a great movie, and for story this is great! Thanks to the cast and crew !

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Violent motion picture about a brutal army of Vikings invading North America

A little boy is left in a strange land and he's adopted by an Indian family. But a merciless, ambitious and cruel barbarians(Clancy Brown, Ralf Moeller, among them) suddenly appear and they are cruelly murdered . The starring(Karl Urban) observes the massacre from a distance and he manages to flee these murderers and reaches a village with other Natives whose inhabitants are worried if he has been able to hide his leads. Afraid of the violent savage warriors ,they decide to flee. Meanwhile the protagonist falls in love with a charming Native(Bloodgood). The young stays alone to revenge his families killers but he gets captured by the Vikings. Unfortunately , they get him before he can do anything and force him to lead them to the other Indians. He guides them and agrees to lead to the hiding place of his fellow villagers but he has a scheme to destroy the cutthroats barbarians before reach the camp.

It's the second version based on ancient folk-tale from Lapland, the first and classic version was directed by Nils Gaup in 1988, winning several prizes. This new adaptation is an exciting picture plenty of action, thrills, chills, roller-coaster ride, violence and breathtaking fights. The brutal Vikings with horned helmets deliver the goods, their appearance is spectacular and creepy, including the majestic horses doing pirouettes. Furthermore the astonishing killings are gruesome executed and grisly graphic. Special mention to Russell Means , he was born Lakota Sioux, a good actor Native American, he along with Graham Greene, Rodney A Grant, Tantoo cardinal, Eric Schweitz and Wes Studi appear in all movies about Indian themes. The evil Vikings are characterized in similar style to the classic 'Conan' by John Milius, as when at the beginning appeared James Earl Jones in an unforgettable scenes . The sombre photography by Daniel Pearl with a sort of never-ending dawn and dusk time is truly awesome. It's a kind of light mingled in a moody and foggy atmosphere. Many frames including the combats and cliffs scenes are made in a ¨300¨ style adding computer generator backgrounds. Stirring and evocative musical score by Jonathan Elias. Stunning and gripping realization by Marcus Nispel. He's a video hits director and expert on terror genre such as he proved ¨ Friday the 13th, Frankestein, Texas chainsaw massacre¨ but none of his movies have been based on original plot.

Reviewed by Dusan Petrovic 6 / 10

A glad day dawned

A Viking boy, Ghost is left behind battles a Native American tribe. Raised within the tribe ( Dawsons ), he ultimately becomes their savior in fight against the Norsmen ( The Vikings ) A. K. A The Dragons. However, the truth was that Vikings'd been burgled Britannia, Ireland and coasts of America ( approximately 600 years before "The Conquest of Peradise " 1492 A.D. ) happening. So, if I'd understood everything right, Americans should be thankful to the Vikings, because they were American dawning consciousness. Sincerelly, yours Dushan Petrovic ( Jurija Gagarina 143/92, 11070 New Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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