Patient Seventeen


Documentary / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 600

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mastrait 1 / 10

Where is the zero star option?

0 Stars - WOW, and yes I did watch the whole thing. It was what I'd expected, but Ken Ham, (Queensland Institute of Technology (B.AS.) University of Queensland) the guy who built the Ark reproduction has a better scam. (u mm... I meant science)

I DARE you to watch this and tell me I am wrong!

The "Nano-scientist," (just listed as Christoper C. in the credits,) was some guy in a shed, looking up information from a high school level textbook, "Modern Physics" by Hans C Ohanian (1986), and yes I looked it up, but by using Google, along with an old classroom size periodic table. Believe it or NOT!

As far I could tell, there were only to people that had degrees at all in this film, the main character Roger Krevin Leir, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Southern California in 1961, qualifying as a podiatrist three years later. I could not find any advance degree listed, my guess is to "qualify" in 1961 as a podiatrist was not as rigorous, but I'm not sure why one would not flaunt your credentials a bit.

The surgeon who actually performed the operation was only listed as Dr. Matrisciano. Boy, was it hard to find him! Doing an in-depth Google search, it was hard to really link the doctors together, go figure!

In the movie, Dr. Matrisciano explicitly states "just some small foreign object. I just removed it, up to the tests to see what it is" In the one and only Google article I could find to tell me who/if he was a real doctor stated;

""Dr. John D, Matrisciano. "I know nothing about UFOs or implants," Dr. Matrisciano said after the operation, "but I think that's what is needed in this case; to be objective.""

The article also makes it clear this was Matriscianos' first operation done for Leir. Dr. John D, Matrisciano still seems to be working in Thousand Oaks California, and has what someone would expect to find, some link to credentials.

Well there, my guess is I spent more time researching this online than any of the above spent on contemplating how silly they all appear in the film. Or maybe they just wanted a quick buck, and thought anyone that matters would never see the film?

Reviewed by Adam Tilley 1 / 10


Look at the "Trivia" section of IMDB. It seems this is mis-labeled as a documentary. Shouldn't it just be "fiction"? The whole thing is a student film and is "Solely fiction" WTF? Talk about disinformation!!! Glad I read the TRIVIA section (I'm upset about that information being in the "Trivia" section because it's not "TRIVIAL" to know it's FICTION!) before I formed any kind of real opinion. People will believe anything with very little evidence if framed in a "Realistic" way.

If this "Renowned" filmmaker was going for exposing how naive and easily led humans are, he got it!

Reviewed by higgins_Andy 1 / 10

Absolute and Utter Garbage

This "documentary" is a joke. Leir was a crackpot podiatrist. The surgery performed was technically awful (they didn't even shave the area). Leir sounds like he's drunk throughout the film and the narrator sounds like a poor man's Christian Slater. Just awful.

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