Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by will-82413 10 / 10

Third Movie in Series Does Not Disappoint

The third film in the Patterns of Evidence Series, The Red Sea Miracle does not disappoint. Anyone into history and archaeology will appreciate and enjoy the hard work Tim Mahoney has put into researching the story of Israel's Exodus from Egypt. The world's experts on the topic are interviewed, no matter position they hold. A fair look at all theories is given, leaving the viewer free to decide what is the truth. Really looking forward to Part 2 of the film which will be in theaters in May, to get some conclusions on the different approaches historians take on this famous story.

Reviewed by guy-372 10 / 10

Great documentary, but first see the previous 2 of the series.

Great documentary on the opinions and supporting facts of the Red Sea miracle as recorded in the Bible in the book of Exodus and specifically, where it took place. This is movie documentary number three in the "Patterns of Evidence" series, and the previous two movies should be watched before this one. I highly recommend the previous two movies in order.

This is not a movie for atheists to consider whether or not God exist, or to hear arguments, called apologetics, on the existence of God. If that's what you're looking for then go find an apologetics book or movie, because this is a recorded history / archaeology documentary.

This movie basically begins with the assumption that the narrative of the Bible Exodus from Egypt and Red Sea Crossing has some basis in fact, although the fact may have been exaggerated. Then it considers the text to try to find the actual location of such a water crossing. In doing so, The Host considers as many pertinent facts as possible and as many pertinent opinions as reasonable and hears from experts on their opinions.

The host looks at the possible population of the Israelites leaving Egypt, as well as the route possibilities, speed of travel, days of travel, speed of sheep, robustness of sheep, water depths, meanings of words, and such to narrow down the possible site of the water crossing. It does a good job of allowing The Watcher to know the options and their pros and cons. Then the host chooses what seems most reasonable to himself and also to myself.

However, I felt that it could have done a better job of stating that the "migdol"/fort could have equally been on the far side of the desert, as the near side, and that Egypt controlled the whole Sinai Peninsula, and was never controlled by another nation, even though the Sinai Peninsula was not considered Egypt proper, but rather a buffer area of desert. I was also disappointed that no mention was made that the head of the Persian Gulf really was a vast area or "sea of reeds", but the Persian Gulf was not even considered, not that I consider it the correct answer.

This is a part 1 of 2, so expect to need to watch the second part, or feel very disappointed.

So if you want to grow in your knowledge of the Bible and specifically of The Exodus account, this is a good movie for you, with great graphics and videos and experts.

Reviewed by doffygx 10 / 10

Fulfilling evidence for the Exodus and Jewish people in Egypt

This documentary provides a great amount of evidence for the Exodus and many other parts of the Bible keep been proven all the time, it shows that everyone is looking at the same clues and it is all about how you interpret them, either by following the word of god that is always reliable or the word of secular foolishness that keeps changing and in the end also leads to God. It is sad that a lot of people have been manipulated into worshiping the religion of naturalism and that their existense is a random accident with no meaning along with other false human made dogmas that keep them in the dark. The Bible keeps being proven correct all the time.

As the prophets said in the past, people will be corrupted by pride, thinking that they become intelligent and try to make themselves gods but in reality they are becoming foolish, full of unreasonable hatred and despair and turn away from their Creator. The Amazon website which is mainstream has a lot more reviews and they are all overwhelingly positive but here on imdb which is less populated it has some sad people that unreasonably hate everything including themselves and give low reviews to desperately try and lie to their own hearts but in the end it is all in vain. The Word of God will always be the only truth.

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