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Robert Patrick as Sam Brown
Lauren Holly as Buckley Clarke
Barry Shabaka Henley as Lieutenant Marks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whpratt1 6 / 10

Entertaining Mystery

This film starts out with Sam Brown, (Robert Patrick) tracking a wild killer of a wolf in Alaska and is attacked by the wolf while on the phone with a call from his headquarters that his sister has been killed in San Francisco. Sam arrives in San Francisco and finds out that his sister was murdered in a very horrible way and he decides to track down his sister doing it his way. Sam meets up with a police woman, Buckley Clarke, (Lauren Holly) who thinks Sam is crazy with his methods of tracking a killer like a wolf in the wild. However, Sam's method starts finding results in this murder and quite a few other crimes that are similar. The relationship between Sam and Buckley becomes very torrid and there is a very sexy love scene between the two of them. This film will hold your interest from the very beginning to the very end. Enjoy.

Reviewed by =G= 5 / 10

Very ordinary stuff

"Pavement" is a very ordinary serial killer flick which sticks Holly out in front as a homicide investigator who teams up with Patrick as an Alaskan wilderness tracker (yeah, right) and together they set out to solve a killing spree with Capetown standing in for San Francisco. The film is full of nonsequiturs and plot holes, does nothing to distinguish itself, and fails to beg an emotional investment leaving the viewer little more than a detached voyeur. In addition the whole tracking thing is silly, the brief sex scene is hokey, and the production is slapped together with a scene here and a scene there cropped tightly so as to not reveal the Capetown environs. In spite of all that, the film does gather momentum, delivers some action and a wisp of suspense, and should make for a nominal no-brainer couch potato watch for those into murder mysteries. (C)

Reviewed by sol-kay 5 / 10

I'm looking for maggots!

***MAJOR SPOILERS*** Not that believable of a detective movie involving an Alaskan tracker of wolves and Kodiak bears using his expertise in the wild to track down a serial killer in San Francisco.

Were given a hint to what were in store for in the very first moments of the movie with Dr. Orenbach,Andrew Brendt, refusing to abort a new born baby because he has "Conroddy Syndrome". Were told by Dr Orenbach's assistant Dr Green, Gerald Randolf,that a child with that illness never goes full term. How wrong Dr. Green turned out to be!

The film starts out with a brutal murder in San Francisco that takes the life of Jenny Brown, Lynita Crofford, a nurse in one of the city's municipal hospitals. The word of Jenny's murder gets to her brother Sam, Robert Patrick, up in the wilds of Alaska and he shoots down to SF to help in finding his sister's killer. It's then that things get a bit entangled with the SFPD not wanting this outsider to get involved in the biggest murder case in it's history since the Zodiac Killer! Uncovering not only clues about the killer that the police missed Sam, ruggedly handsome devil that he is, also becomes very romantically involved with the top cop on the case Det. Buckley Clarke, Lauren Holly. Det. Clarke is not only turned on by Sam's ruggedly good looks and pioneering 19th century lifestyle, he doesn't believe in using modern bathroom facilities, but also his unique ability in digging up clues about the killer. It's that uncanny tracking ability-with a walking stick- on Sam's part that Det. Clarke, against the wishes of her superiors, in no time at all let's him take over, off the record, the entire investigation!

As it turns out the killer had a deep grudge against those in the medical profession who were responsible from bringing him into the world. Were somehow made to feel that the doctor who in accordance to his upholding the Hippocratic Oath, as well as the child's mother's wishes, in his deciding to let the child, regardless of the condition that it finds itself in, to be born is some kind of crazed mad scientist or religious fanatic! Where in reality he was only doing what he was sworn to do as a man of medicine!

Sam's ability to track the killer down leads to a brick wall as his trail seems to come to a sudden end every time he and his partner and now lover Det. Clarke get out of the dark woods, where the killer always makes his escape, and into civilization which for some reason it suddenly ends at a bus stop or shelter! Even though it should be obvious to someone like Sam who's especially good in tracking down fugitives, or wild animals, what the significance of the bus stop is it takes almost the entire movie for him to find that out! And it's not Sam but Det. Clarke, being more in touch with big city life, who ends up uncovering that great mystery!

Once the cat, or serial killer, is out of the bag, or intensive care, the movie starts to get going into full toddle. The frail killer who's supposed to be a total invalid ends up taking on an entire unite of the SFPD with a squad of tough as nails SWAT personnel thrown in and ends up making mince meat out of them! So much in him being, according to Dr. Green, not fit or healthy enough to be allowed to be born!

What the killer's real problems were turned out to be mental not physical which took years to manifest themselves and could not have been discovered at the time of his birth. This all made the assumption that his suffering from "Conroddy Syndrome", whatever that is, which was supposed to prevent from living past infancy, according to Dr.Green, turned out to be totally unfounded!

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