Peace River



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nancytherealestatelady 10 / 10

Great Movie!!!

This is such a good movie I have seen it twice. I invited friends and they too have high ratings.

Well worth your time and your money.

Most of what has been playing is disgusting.

Reviewed by aeurbi 2 / 10

Save Yourselves

I am so confused as to how this movie has good ratings. This movie proves that Hallmark movies are not the cheesiest movies of all time. The immediate first 2 minutes of the movie seem like a trailer, so pay attention. I left about an hour in. Lacks plot. Clearly low budget. The acting is AWFUL. Even the costumes are rough. So many weird shots of the characters just looking around/riding horses. Enjoy 50 different camera angles during the rare dialogue. It's fun if you go in with low expectations and enjoy a good laugh, but it was not at all what I expected. I give it a 2 for effort, but this film could have been made by some broke college kids with a video camera. I cannot attest to the ending of the movie, as I did not stay because I felt like I was wasting my life.

Reviewed by frankrobert-61450 9 / 10

Cowboy up!

Modern day Cowboy movie. Some great themes. Cinematography is superb. Characters are believable and scenery is spectacular. Hallmark channel would love to show this movie. Enjoy!

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