Pele: Birth of a Legend


Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 15480

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Diego Boneta as Jose
Colm Meaney as George Raynor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agreatstory 7 / 10

The Pluses Outweigh The Minuses

Like the excellent Kevin Costner film: "McFarland USA" this movie sensitively shows how sport can significantly alter a people's identity (in this case the entire nation of Brazil was uplifted from a sense of inferiority within the world community, to a pride in their own uniqueness). The acting is good. The sports action scenes are remarkable (how did they get an actor with such great soccer skills?) and the music is by the great A.R. Raman. A lot of care was put into the making of this film, but a lot was lost, I feel, by having the actors speak mostly in English. And it wasn't dubbed English, it was the Brazilian actors trotting out their heavily accented English. That had the effect of taking away much of the authenticity the film had worked so hard to achieve. (That the real-life Pelé has a cameo appearance - and thus takes the viewer out of the scene's intended verisimilitude - is, perhaps, excusable - I can cut it that slack). One more grumble: the movie trailers announced: "With Rodrigo Santoro". I will see anything with him in it - he is a terrific actor. But he appears for LITERALLY FIVE SECONDS! Really! That is unacceptable marketing...'bait and switch', actually. But see the movie anyway. (BTW, I met Pelé in 1984. We talked for about ten minutes, and at one point, after we had been briefly interrupted, he put his arm around me and said: "So, my Brazilian-American friend, where were we?" He had a golden air about him, and yet was completely down-to-earth even though we talked about cosmic reality. To listen to my five minute audio recording about meeting Pelé, search for "Pelé And His Brazilian- American Friend".

Reviewed by erick-palacios04 8 / 10

Ginga or Joga Bonito, both mean: Pelé

I grew up watching Football, i loved it and i still do, and of course i love my nation (Venezuela), but you just can't denied that you like Brasil for their style of playing, their amazing Joga Bonito, it's just masterful and beautiful that makes you think, can i do that?, there are 2 correct answers: you work all day, every day for a very long time to accomplish it, or just wait until another life and born with it like Pelé.

This is the guy that every Football player looks up to at least one time in their life, and of course for us Fottball lovers to know there is a movie about this legend it's like saying, there is a movie about Michael Jackson and you think: They better don't mess it up, because he is the best in the business and he deserves it. Trust me they have done it right in this film, the kid playing Pelé is really good with his ginga (freestyle of playing) and does honor to the man himself, he really capture the essence of what he means to every fan, player and Brazilian in the world. Makes me think, can he have Pelé's blood, yes he does, but not by family, but by nationality, they just have it in them.

The movie it's solid in the cinematography, it really shows the feeling of the country and their culture and the sport itself, the casting made me think some times about overacting, but i just forget about it and kept watching a great film. What i really loved is that Ginga is explained and gives real knowledge of what it means, it's now that they call it Joga Bonito, but they are the same: One amazing player. Donpt believe me? just take a good look yourself this movie and experience what Soccer (that's how Americans call it) it's really about, and you will have the most amazing teacher, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or as is best known: Pelé.

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

The Ginga Game

Pele was a great footballer, he won three World Cup with a Brazil that played an exciting and extravagant form of football known as Ginga.

This films charts what to me is a fictionalised account of his boyhood days playing football in the poor area of São Paulo that seems to be cliched to the extreme. Being made fun off by the white kids for playing football with his bare feet. Then later on being criticised for his flamboyant style of football.

The film comes to life as see the rise of Pele in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden where he played at the age of 17 and still remains the youngest player to score at a World Cup final.

It is a rather superficial film, it only concentrates on Pele up to his first World Cup win. The young actor playing Pele shows great football skill. Some of the recreations are well done and the great man himself makes a little cameo experience.

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