Penitentiary II


Crime / Drama / Sport

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Allan Graf as 2nd Referee
Renn Woods as Nikki
Leon Isaac Kennedy as Too Sweet Gordone
Hawthorne James as 1st Referee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Falconeer 2 / 10

Ugly sequel to a Cult Classic...

This sequel to the amazing 1979 prison drama "Penitentiary," is so unbelievably bad, that it damages the integrity of the original. "Penitentiary 2" has none of what made the first movie so good. Character development has been replaced with cartoon caricatures, smart humor has been replaced with toilet jokes, and any serious dramatic elements have been completely removed. Even the title is ridiculous; "Penitentiary 2" makes no sense because this is not even a prison film! It's just a cash-in on a very successful cult classic, that was loved both by audiences and critics.

This movie has Martel "Too Sweet" Gordone out of prison, and back on the streets. His parole requires him to continue boxing, as well as to stay out of trouble. That's not happening if "Half Dead" has anything to do with it. Too Sweet's nemesis from the first film has broken out of prison, and is on a mission to kill Too Sweet at any cost. Unfortunately, the characters that were so likable in the first film, are the opposite here. The original actor who played "Half Dead,", Badja Djola, had moved onto bigger productions, and smartly decided to stay far away from this mess. Actor Ernie Hudson takes on the role, and he plays the character as a one dimensional bad guy and it's boring. There isn't even an attempt at continuity with the writing; director Jamaa Fanaka replaces the likable, unforgettable character of "Seldom Seen" with a different actor, who portrays him as a gold chain-wearing jerk, who is only concerned with getting pussy. Any fan of the first film knows that character as a refined old guy, who listened to jazz and had a collection of classic literature in his prison cell..and that he had NO interest in the shallow, base vices of the outside world. In this way, P2 actually insults the first film. Aesthetically speaking, the difference is also extreme. While the first film had a nice, 70's vintage, independent movie style, this one looks like a cheap, tacky 80's nightmare. It's really amazing how different things looked in 1982, from just 3 years earlier. I think one problem comes from both the director, and Leon Isaac Kennedy, having become a bit jaded from their success. The innocence and humble, down to earth feel of the first movie has been replaced with an obnoxious, pessimistic energy. I love "Penitentiary" and think of it as one of the best prison movies of all time. That is why I hate this sequel. It is an insult to something great..

Reviewed by dougan66 1 / 10

Over the top but memorable. My reason for low rating is...

The current DVD release available for this title is NOT the same version of the film that was shown in theaters. The DVD distributor for some reason made cuts to parts of the movie. (In particular, Ernie Hudson's ambush of the girl in the shower.) The sequence may too brutal for more sensitive viewers, but that doesn't justify making cuts to the original film.) HBO broadcast the movie in it's entirety in the 80's, and the first VHS/Beta home video releases also contain the complete film.

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 7 / 10

The Penitentiary Trilogy: Penitentiary II

Penitentiary II (1982) is the second part of the Penitentiary trilogy. The first film is deals with an unlucky dude name Too Sweet (Leon Isaac Kennedy) who learns that the only way he can get out of prison if he boxes his way to the top. A few years later, Too Sweet is a boxing champion and living the good life. But his life is turned upside down (again) as he has to deal with an old nemesis that what's a little pay back for what happened to him in the first film. Can Too Sweet defeat his archenemy once again? Will he defend his title and win the biggest fight of his life? Why does Mr. T play himself in this film? Find out by watching Penitentiary II. Ernie Hudson co-stars as Half Dead and Rudy Ray Moore cameos as himself.

Recommended for fans of low budget films.

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