Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun


Animation / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by batemanemma 1 / 10

Porcine Garbage

If you're four, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this film.

If you're not, you will realise that it is possible to lose even more of your human dignity than when you gave birth, and that you will never get this ninety minutes (or was it hours) of your sad and pathetic life back.

Peppa's "Festival of Fun" isn't even a film. It's just a series of seemingly never-ending episodes from the nightmarish porcine interspersed with children larking about on a blue screen and forcing you to endure horrific audience participation songs in which you will wash your face, brush you hair, pretend to be a crocodile and do some odd athletic stretching, with all the other sleep ravaged glassy-eyed parents. Farewell dignity.

The "film" includes a strange Somersetian badger who runs a petting farm and is obsessed with hand washing, burping chickens and belching guinea pigs. There's some class-based competitive bird spotting, followed by the daring helicopter rescue of a carbohydrate superhero (Super potato) from the roof of a cinema. Daddy pig waxes spectacularly lyrical and militant views regarding pineapple on pizza. More hand washing. Miss rabbit appears as the projectionist and then the strawberry farmer. She turns up later as a professional storyteller and queen of crafting. At one point she's even the historian/tour guide of the weirdest Festival attraction ever called the "History of Concrete"

There's a dog child thing with a bizarre hat-wearing northern/south west coastal/irish naval father. An elephant child prodigy. Extremely posh glamping. Lots of mud. Jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Just as you begin to think you really can't take any more (and you'd be right) it descends into Baudrillardian hyper-reality farce as peppa and George make a TV show. "Now you can be on tv every day, hundreds of times". AGGGGGHHHHHH. Screw you Peppa. Then Grandpa pig has a birthday meal featuring swede and dried fish served by Hercule Poirot.

Its never going to end (maniacal laughter). No really, my daughter turned to me about 57 minutes in like something out of child of Chuckie and told me somewhat menacingly that "this is going to go on forever".

The theme tune "I'm Peppa Pig...etc" plays for the seventh, eighth maybe even ninth time. You don't even know what day it is any more and are willing your child to need the toilet so you can leave.

Note - In other news, I'm sure Granny pig is one of the voices on the Archers? This is driving me insane.

Reviewed by cocoypp 5 / 10

Feeling disappointed

I feel a bit disappointed. It's not like a real movie, which is just like a gathering of some episodes of Peppa Pig, interspersed with some live children footage. The episodes are great and funny as usual, but they don't feel like being designed for the movie screen, because the size doesn't feel right. But anyway, as a 23-year -old grown-up, I still love Peppa Pig sooooooooo much!

Reviewed by sarahew-834-368202 5 / 10

It's not a movie, but toddler loved it

It's not a movie It's a few episodes with singing kids in between Toddler loved it, which is why you go really so never went for me to get anything from it, apart from half a nap

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