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Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10


When antiques dealer Edwin (Hywel Bennett) loses his tally-whacker in a freak accident, he becomes the first ever patient to undergo a penis transplant.

The permissive society of the swinging sixties and early seventies gave rise to the great British sex comedy, bawdy farces that offered cheap titillation to the masses in the form of ribald innuendo, silly sexual situations, and gratuitous nudity.

Percy looks set to be a classic example of the genre, it's penis transplant subject matter lending itself perfectly to such bawdy treatment, and sure enough, viewers are quickly treated to some suggestive dialogue, unsubtle phallic imagery and curvaceous beauties in skimpy outfits. The lowbrow laughs don't last long, however, soon giving way to a much more sober approach, the film focusing instead on Edwin's confusion and emotional turmoil following his operation.

This shift to a more ponderous tone serves to make Percy a more respectable movie than it could otherwise have been—a shame, 'cos I'd been looking forward to a huge helping of shameless smut and seriously saucy giggles and what I actually got was that guy from Shelley looking downright miserable (yet again) even when faced with a series of sexy 70s babes desperate for a seeing to.

One thing's for sure, Robin Askwith wouldn't have wasted time deliberating his dilemma when he could've been testing out his new todger!

Reviewed by neil-476 7 / 10

Very much of its era

A young man receives someone else's penis in a transplant, and attempts to track down as much as possible about the donor.

Back in 1971 this movie was edgy, controversial stuff, dancing along the very border of what was acceptable (so much so that the word "penis" was not heard during the film. History (or changed times) shows it to be a rather gentle, mildly satirical, somewhat bittersweet comedy/drama with a non-preachy moral centre, and far from as edgy as it thought it was at the time.

Hywel Bennett is excellent as the recipient, the donor's back catalogue of lovely ladies are, indeed, lovely, and Denholm Elliot (as the groundbreaking surgeon) chews scenery with relish. And the Kinks provide an excellent soundtrack, with Lola taking pride of place.

Reviewed by ShadeGrenade 8 / 10

How long is Percy?

In 1967, Dr.Christian Barnard made world history by carrying out the very first heart transplant operation. Much speculation was generated as to how far the new technique could be taken. Would it be possible to say, transplant a brain? Or any other organ? It sounded like the ideal subject for a movie, and in 1971, one got made. 'Percy', based on a book by Raymond Hitchcock, was adapted for the screen by Hugh Leonard, and directed and produced by Ralph Thomas and Betty E.Box, the team behind the popular 'Doctor' films, based on Richard Gordon's books.

Hywel Bennett is 'Edwin Anthony', a hippie-like antiques dealer who lives alone in London ( his wife has recently left him ). One day he is carrying a chandelier down a street when, unexpectedly, a naked man falls out of the sky and lands on him. Guy Warrington had been in bed with his lover Helga ( Elke Sommer ) when her husband came home early, and in his panic he jumped out of the window, forgetting she lived in a high-rise apartment. He is killed, but Edwin survives. However, a shard from the chandelier has cut off his penis ( ouch! ). Surgeon Emmanuel Whitbread ( Denholm Elliott ) removes Guy's pecker ( nicknamed 'Percy' ) and grafts it on to Edwin.

When Edwin wakes up, he is horrified at what has been done to him. The tabloid press regard the whole affair as one big joke and set about trying to locate Percy's new owner. On leaving hospital, Edwin is driven by a mad compulsion to find the donor's identity, and, obtaining a list of men who died in the hospital that day, tracks down their wives, and a glamorous lot they are too...

It is hard to believe that 'Percy' was made only five years after Norman Wisdom ended his run of cloth-capped comedies. Directors such as Thomas and Val Guest sensed that the audience for British film comedies had changed, and tailored their material accordingly. Hywel Bennett is the best thing about the film, portraying Edwin in a sympathetic light, as a man who wants a normal life but has become a carnival freak and does not like it ( today he would probably be invited on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' ). Denholm Elliott is wonderfully smarmy as the surgeon. We first see him on a B.B.C. talk-show - he walks out in disgust when the producer ( Angus Mackay ) keeps bleeping out the word 'penis'!

The script is peppered with what Ben Elton used to call 'knob gags' ( a nurse tells Edwin: "Let's see how it stands up in the light of the day!", while Whitbread whistles a self-composed ditty entitled 'Penis From Heaven' ), but strangely, the film is a lot tamer than you might expect. It is quite thoughtful in its depiction of adult relationships. It did not warrant its 'Wahey! Penis transplant comedy!' marketing. The only nudity comes from Antonia Ellis' stripteasing nurse. Edwin's meeting's with Percy's girlfriends brings us glorious sightings of Britt Ekland and Elke Sommer, while Julia Foster, Cyd Hayman, Adrienne Posta, Gaye Brown, Tracy Reed, and Sheila Steafel, and Sue Lloyd appear elsewhere. George Best graces a 'Billy Liar'-styled fantasy sequence, while Arthur English is seen as a seedy pub comic.

Yes, it is a one-joke film, but manages to camouflage its deficiencies rather well. It is the work of professional film makers. The same story in the hands of say, Stanley Long or Derek Ford, would have been an unwatchable mess.

When 'Percy' was in production, Mary Whitehouse thundered to the press that it was in 'poor taste'. As so often happened whenever she complained about anything, the public flocked to see it in droves. In 1974, there was a sequel ( sans Bennett ) entitled 'Percy's Progress'.

Nice songs by Ray Davies & The Kinks, with 'Lola' being put to good use during Ellis' strip.

The summary quoted above came from the trailer. It asked 'How long is Percy?' and then responded with 'About 100 minutes!'.

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