Percy Vs Goliath


Biography / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 83

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Christina Ricci as Rebecca Salcau
Zach Braff as Jackson Weaver
Christopher Walken as Percy Schmeiser
Adam Beach as Alton Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by js-66130 7 / 10


When steely-eyed, shock-cropped Christopher Walken pumps his shotgun at the menacing bad guys, you know he means business. And that business, is a long, drawn out legal battle debating the legality of farming certain seeds. You may now sit back down.

In typical Canadian prairie fashion, "Percy" is more about wide landscapes, small community life, and a farmer's dedicated connection to the land, than inflammatory court room drama. Based on the true story of Saskatchewan Percy Schmeiser who wound up with Monsanto seed seeding itself on his land and then having the conglomerate giant bullying him into ruinous payment. Unyielding and stoic to a bankrupting fault, and against all sensible advice, Percy takes the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

As a juicy David vs Goliath fable, "Percy" moves at a snail's pace, generating it's lure through the perseverance and dogged determination of a man not necessarily pushing back, but standing defiantly in the way. As usual Walken is quite good, even in a calm, reserved role, one that doesn't require any shouting, gun play, or dancing. Who woulda thunk it?

A nice historic piece, "Percy" is not for everyone. But those happy to settle for an old school story that presents a cloudy subject in clear black and white, peppered with classic Canuck manners and pacing, will not be sorry.

  • hipCRANK

Reviewed by robertscraig-47380 8 / 10

A very interesting movie about a man & community standing up for their rights as farmers.

Percy is very interesting movie about one farmers fight against Monsanto a GM crop company that sued him because the gm crops from another farmer got mixed in with his crops as he drove by their land. Monsanto sued him and accused him of copying their crops and selling their crops without any payment. The farmer took the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The movie stars Christopher Walken, Zack Braff,. Adam Beach,. Christina Ricci and Roberta Maxwell. This film was filmed in Canada and is a U.S., Canadian and Indian production.

Reviewed by Sir_AmirSyarif 6 / 10

An important story with a simplistic focus

Clark Johnson's 'Percy' offers a significantly simplified from the real story of the struggle of an independent Canadian farmer with corporate bullies and the legal system. Its telling is pretty straight-forward, but it's well-produced and well-told - and that's in large part to the high-quality performances of its cast.

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