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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RochNYguy 8 / 10

A Treat For Thanksgiving

This a poignant story of a family that starts out in trouble and finds its real values. It's a bit hard to figure out just what's going on in the beginning but that because of a paradigm shift. Take the premise and replace Mom and Dad with Dad and Dad. As this viewer began to accept that it began to fall into place. The religious theme was not overwhelming, but the move from a vengeful God to a loving one made for a perfect resolution, or the hope of one.

Reviewed by ekeby 7 / 10

Didn't expect to like this but I did

I know that's a backhanded compliment, but it's true. A gay-themed movie in a rural setting with a country western soundtrack would normally have me running in the opposite direction. Not so with this movie.

I found the story to be fresh and original, with just an occasional plot misstep. There's a little bit of bible-thumping, but it's almost necessary to remind us of the setting, because these characters and their story are pretty modern.

The direction, performers, and camera work are all fine and the dialog sounds natural. And, given that it's a low-budget gay movie--and that I don't particularly care for the country western genre--my expectations for the music were pretty low. I was surprised to find I liked it. And it's well integrated with the story.

This isn't a great film, but it's good. Or, maybe, good enough. That is, if it were about a straight couple, I'm not sure that many would find it special. But because it's a gay couple, it's of interest to me. As far as I know it's not quite like any other gay movie, and it's done pretty well.

So I say give it a chance. And if you feel more in sync with rural life than urban, you might really like it.

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