Perros callejeros II

1979 [SPANISH]

Action / Drama

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Mediocre sequel with the ordinary ingredients : drama , delinquency , exploitation and lots of violence

Second part of the ¨Perros Callejeros¨ trilogy by Jose Antonio De La Loma , the authentic creator of the Quinqui sub-genre . This middling ¨Quinqui¨ movie deals with Ángel Fernández Franco , alias ¨El Torete¨, it tells his life like a legend , executing heists , ¨Tirones¨ and other crimes and misdemeanours . In the flick there is frenetic action , eroticism , chases , exploitation and sensationalism that undermine verisimilitude . The film begins with the same ¨Torete¨ (Angel Fernandez) watching ¨Perros Callejeros I¨ at a private exhibition along with the filmmaker (played by Fernando Almada) . Become a star , thanks to the successful first film , he again goes on his criminal career , being accused for collaboration in a killing committed by El Vaquilla (Bernard Seray) when driving he ran and hit a woman . Meanwhile , ¨Torete¨ falls in love for a beautiful girl (Verónica Miriel) and , subsequently , for a young prostitute (Teresa Jimenez) . Later on , a cripple as well as revengeful cop seeks vengeance against Torete . As , Angel Fernández Franco , El Torete¨ , is detained , imprisoned and locked in Modelo penitentiary of Barcelona where a riot takes place .

¨Perros Callejeros I ¨ was a popular and big Spanish hit , that's why director De La Loma made this sequel enhancing the customary ingredients that got again a hit smash , such as noisy action , hold-ups , car races , stabbing , pursuits and nudism . Furthermore , it increases scenarios , erotic situations , and budget , but these aspects do't get better the film's quality . Including some very crude images as when the police's daughter is abducted and mistreated ; showing brutal rape frames as female as male . This is one of several movies dealing with youth delinquency in Spain during the 70s and early 80s mostly realized by Jose Antonio De La Loma , along with ¨Navajeros , "Colegas", "El Pico 1¨ , 2" , ¨La Estanquera De Vallecas¨ by Eloy De La Iglesia and especially ¨Deprisa , Deprisa¨ by Carlos Saura , among others . The screenplay by the same Jose Antonio De La Loma is such strong with disagreeable events , including nudism , violent scenes , though also with some ingenuousness and brief ironical moments . Jose Antonio De La Loma chose young and natural actors as Angel Fernandez Franco and Bernard Seray who play their part to the hilt , unafraid of filmmaker's unsympathetic camera and the particularity of the characters . Here appear gorgeous women as Verónica Miriel who had an acceptable career and interpreting some erotic films , Teresa Jimenez who acted in ¨Perras Callejeras ¨ and Isabel Mestres who in ¨Perros Callejeros III¨ performed a journalist . And it shows up real delinquents with peculiar names and nicknames such as : El Chino¨, ¨El Pijo¨, ¨Caracol¨ , ¨El Trompeta¨, among others .

Atmospheric musical score including ordinary disco-music of the 70s , adding usual scenarios and dancing from Discoteques . Regular photography with juicy atmosphere by Juan Gelpi , but unfortunately turns too much murky in some video print , being necessary a perfect remastering . Juan Gelpi photographed various De La Loma's films such as : ¨Squadron , Counterforce¨ , ¨Nuca En Horas De Clase¨ and being Antonio Isasi Isasmendi's habitual cameraman as ¨Verano Para Matar¨, ¨Aire De Un Crimen¨, ¨Vegas 500 Millones¨ , ¨El Perro¨ and ¨Estambul 65¨. Shot by the creator of ¨Quinqui sub-genre¨ , the veteran and prolific Jose Antonio De La Loma , in his usual botcher style , plenty of extreme sensationalism and exploitation , who filmed the successful trilogy : ¨Perros Callejeros I , II¨ and ¨Ultimos Golpes Del Torete¨ and he even made a female version : ¨Perras Callejeras¨ . In his youthful De La Loma worked as a teacher in the Chinese barrio of Barcelona and he lived poorness and isolation . As he hired true delinquents who used their peculiar slang and particular behaves , all of them give a certain realism to these offbeat films . The motion picture was regularly directed by Juan Antonio De La Loma who had a long career including titles as a writer and a filmmaker in all kinds of genres , as Western : ¨Professional for a massacre¨ ,¨Texas Kid¨ ,¨Clint the solitary¨ , ¨Return of Clint¨, ¨The last Mohican¨, ¨Seven pistols for Timothy¨ , ¨Viva Carrancho¨, ¨The Boldest job in the West¨, ¨Blood at sundown¨or ¨Porque Seguir Matando¨ and Action : ¨Metralleta Stein¨ , ¨Razzia¨ , ¨Explosion¨ , Squadron: Counterforce¨or "Playing with Death" , ¨Goma 2¨ , ¨Tony Carrera¨, "Playboy to Kill" and several others .

Reviewed by tony_ramos5 6 / 10

Drugs... Rumba????

I am not sure what you are talking about this movie having anyone selling drugs, nor doing drugs. Other than the one time they are smoking in bed before they have sex, and they never even say then that it was any kind of drug, all it is said is that it is his last one. There is not one typical "fiesta de gitanos" gypsy party in the whole movie, they pretty much just go to one disco place but all the music played is disco not rumba. the soundtrack has some rumba on it but not in the party atmosphere. I swear some people comment on movies they have never seen. (SPOILER) This movie starts pretty much when the first one ends, but you come to find out that the first one was just that, a movie, and now el Torete is somewhat of a celebrity (in some circles) although he is still a delinquent. This one is supposed to be for real, (it would have been hard to imagine El Torete without his wee-wee the whole film... jejejeje Anyhow, the movie is powerful and in reality a little bit outdated but it is still a fun watch. This just got a DVD release on R2 and it is only around 12 euro (the entire trilogy 12 each).

Reviewed by kd4kn 8 / 10

More Dramatic and powerful than the First!

This one, rather than the first part concentrates more on the dramatic side of whats behind the delinquents life.Poverty,misery and discrimination can be watched together with prostitution and life behind steel bars.This film is brutal,and has a very explicit look on this reality that society ignores.Like the first its based on a true story. The sound track is great for those who like Rumba, especially the end credits song called `Soy un Perro Callejero`.

Its an interesting underground film.Maybe its not the typical American movie but its still a master piece!

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