Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by athoffman-80353 3 / 10

Interesting topic but poor documentary

It started out interesting but quickly falls apart. I understand the struggles of finding a job and getting an interview. However, it's algorithms that actively look for "hot" words in your resume compared to the job posting that's the real issue. Not some personality test that secretly watch's you through your computer's camera.

Reviewed by bradgordon-35800 1 / 10

ill-informed - fundamental lack of understanding

I painfully sat through and watched this. It is 90% based on the use of Disc or Myers Briggs which any well qualified and informed HR professional would tell you is not applicable to pre-employment screening...DiSC does not measure specific skills, aptitudes, or other factors critical for a position; it describes one's natural work behavior patterns or styles to help improve productivity, teamwork, and communication which is better suited to coaching and development. Good personality testing that is leveraged in a pre-employment setting is validated using Reliability, Construct Validity, Content Validity, Criterion Validity and absolutely takes into consideration demographics and does not measure mental illness. In pre-employment settings, a personality test is not saying whether a person can do a job, but rather would a specific job come naturally to a person. For example customer service requires a level of empathy, patience, diplomacy etc. I would not enjoy a customer service role because I am naturally impatient, direct, independent, assertive etc., but I could pick up the phone and handle a customer service call if I absolutely had to - but it would be like using my left hand, and certainly not something I would want to do over and over again for a paycheck... And for anyone really buying into this clearly slanted documentary - the good news is the EEOC (UGESP) has strict guidelines and the department of labor has released many documents detailing an employer guide to good practices with the use of assessments - they have your back. And for the candidates out there that are concerned, a personality test is super helpful in figuring out what you would actually enjoy doing. The documentary is right by insinuating that people are variable shouldn't be put in a box and judged, but on the flip side job roles are pretty consistent in terms of what makes one person more suited to a role vs another. So if anything, the personality test benefits the candidate by highlighting whether they would actually enjoy the job role they are applying for...

Reviewed by largueza 3 / 10

What's up with that background sound!?!?

It's impossible to stay focused and try to listen to people with the terrible sound editing. Wake up, it's too loud, how hard can that be to understand!?!?

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