Pervert Park


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amanda-dellett 8 / 10

Pervert Park succeeds at giving sexual offenders a voice.

This documentary will be difficult to stomach if you subscribe to the school of thought that views child molesters as disgusting, unable to be rehabilitated, and/or undeserving of sympathy. However, if you are willing to suspend your judgment for a mere hour, this film will surely have you second-guessing your stance by the end of it.

Pervert Park is a glimpse into the stories of several convicted child molesters who live together in a small trailer park. Both men and women inhabit this space, and their crimes vary in severity. When a violent child rapist is lumped together with someone who merely responded to the wrong Craigslist ad, it really makes you question why we vilify all sexual offenders as one and the same.

Their stories are brutally honest. The film tries to answer how these people became who they are, and where they plan to go from here. Rather than play into the creepiness factor, Pervert Park proves that many of these offenders are rational adults who clearly know right from wrong, but nonetheless found themselves in the position that they are in. The counseling sessions shown are extremely thought-provoking and may leave you questioning our typical "label and ostracize" response, especially when the line between being an actual predator and simply making a mistake is so blurry.

Reviewed by runamokprods 8 / 10

Both moving and disturbing

This is an empathetic documentary portrait of a group of convicted sex offenders who live together in a trailer park because laws restricting where they can live after release from prison has made it almost impossible to find shelter. The residents support each other in a society that has spurned them.

We sit in on their group therapy sessions which are a mix of heartbreaking and chilling. It's not easy to watch someone – even someone who seems to feel terrible remorse – relate the story of how he came to rape a 5 year old girl. But it's also powerful and sad to realize that almost to a person, all these men (and a couple of women) were themselves terribly sexually abused as children. And that one of their children whom they abused has now gone on to be convicted of a sex crime as well. The film posits that these people are certainly criminals, but they are also certainly victims as well, and that only through compassionate treatment can the cycle be broken.

It also makes clear that lumping so many offenders with crimes of wildly different seriousness in the same heading of 'registered sex offender', publishing their names and addresses, not allowing them to live or work in huge swaths of the areas they live in is - for many - a highly unfair practice, and actually endanger all the offenders, allowing those out to frighten or harm them easy access.

It's an uncomfortable film to watch – it's hard to find oneself empathetic to people who have done terrible things. But it's also an important questioning of how we treat other human beings, no matter what their past holds.

One flaw - I was frustrated that the film sites statistics that go against what most of us have heard so many times – stating that sex criminals are actually among the least likely to offend again, not the most – but then fails to say where those statistics come from, or why most people have heard the opposite. If you're going to challenge people's fears and conventional wisdom, you need more than an unattributed title card.

Reviewed by CentralStateProductions 8 / 10

"Salem's Lot 2015"

Lock your Doors.. hide the Kids?

"I screened this Film as part the 2015 Florida Film Festival." The State of Florida has decided that all Sex Violent Predators as well as Offenders be lumped together and to dump them off into places such as the subject of this Film "Pervert Park".

My overview here is based on what is happening in my own County (Orange) where there are 1000 homeless and many Registered Offenders with no place to live.

Pervert Park focus's is in the reality of this Nationwide "Witchhunt". An entire Society of Humans that have been captured, many wrongly accused and are being led to the Stake. This is the only Film that has had the guts to not only look at the nature of Sexual Crimes against Children but also the lower tiered Non Violent Crimes that put Offenders on Registrations for Life as well.

At the end credits when several audience members stood up and clapped, I did not know if they were applauding the Film and its content or wanted themselves to take justice in their own hands to bestow violence against the Sex Offenders.

Its shock value is everlasting! JEV 2015

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