Peter and the Farm



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 731

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wavecat13 10 / 10

Superb portrait of a fascinating eccentric

This is what a low budget documentary about a fascinating eccentric can be. Peter is a 68 year old man, a hard worker who runs an animal farm in rural Vermont seemingly all by himself. The film acquaints us with a lot of aspects of farm life, especially the grittier, bloodier ones, e.g. slaughtering and skinning sheep, working closely with animals, helping them with pregnancies and births, dealing with predators like coyotes. Peter is a dramatic figure and seems right at home on camera, but as the film progresses we see that the guy has some serious problems. For starters he is an alcoholic, and he has been abandoned by his spouse and kids, and he frequently does not seem quite right emotionally. The guy making the movie (Tony Stone, I think) appears to be a younger relative of Peter. I found myself thinking quite a bit about Peter and his farm - despite his appalling behavior he is a unique and talented individual.

Reviewed by thomas-75408 9 / 10

Peter becomes the farm

A troubled alcoholic farmer lets his mind wander to an onlooking documentary team who film him in situ at his bucolic Vermont farm. Peter Dunning's ruminations range from the bitter to the bittersweet to the absurd. What's remarkable is how Tony Stone conveys the link between Dunning's worldview, which can oscillate from contentment to threats of suicide, as being inextricably linked to the physical and mental toils of the farm, and the weather which ranges from tundra to balmy sunshine. What lingers is Dunning's assertion that he is now fully bodily and spiritually connected to the farm, so much so that he has become the farm.

Reviewed by Beththebest89 8 / 10

Thought Provoking

I completely agree with the_oak and WildBillWriter in their assessments of this documentary. Being close to an alcoholic, it was difficult to watch at times, but it was worth it. I found myself asking a lot of questions i.e. which came first, the alcoholism or the isolation? Does it even really matter? With all of his struggles beginning as a young person, its a testament to the human spirit that he has fought on for so long. His story was moving, and he's easy to connect with, even though he sometimes tries to push everyone away. He's so authentically himself on camera; its amazing to watch. If you have any experience with farming, its easy to understand his anxiety of having a market for his goods and being responsible for so much, all day, every day.. I hope he's healed at least somewhat since this documentary.

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