2020 [POLISH]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 199

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Descend into ...

If you are looking for a regular movie, a movie with a regular hero, don't waste your time on this movie. It is anything but "normal". It's tone is going up and down and spinning all around. You have a main character that you probably learn to hate over the course of time. Which is quite a hard thing to demand from the viewers. Especially considering we are laughing at first with him. We are maybe even connecting with him. From his birth (literally) we follow him ... who would have thought the path he'd take? And the atrocities he'd commit - but that is just what you get served here.

And topping everything off, something I wasn't aware of, this is based on a true story and real people. The depravities in this, be it sexual or violence wise ... not easy to cope or digest. Some of the sex scenes go beyond .. really almost all the way (without showing something explicitly), but feeling as if they are real. Not for the squeamish for sure and really takes a toll on the viewer. If they decide to take the ride with a man who seems beyond redemption ... or is he?

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 5 / 10

Who is pulling whose strings?

Two things you will learn if you make it through to the end: "Petla" rather aptly means "noose" and that this is based on the true story of aspiring police officer Daniel Sniezak (Antoni Królikowski) who follows his father into the force. He is determined to be a detective, a position that requires that he get down and dirty on the street where he meets all sorts - including a pair of twins who stab him. In order to escape prosecution, they promise him some big names to arrest that will further his career. It isn't long before he is working with them more regularly, pulling in bigger fish that his TV-loving boss laps ups - regardless of the authenticity of the crime or the arrest and whilst sleeping with just about anyone who can be useful to him - including the local prosecutor. When Sniezek goes to the Ukraine, he becomes part of a much larger drug running/human trafficking/blackmail plot that ultimately blurs the lines between his duty, his job and his young wife and his rapidly developing sex and cocaine addictions only makes things worse - and the by now jilted prosecutor is out for revenge.... The first half hour of this is not bad - a sort of compendium of sketches, some of which are actually quite funny (intentionally or not) and the star is quite a charismatic actor - as he demonstrated in "Bad Boy" (2020) - but it pretty quickly descends into a poorly written, shockingly directed sleaze-fest as virtually everyone from the priest to the politician ends up in their brothel "Imperium" being filmed, entrapped and exploited. All in all, it passes the time but it isn't great and is almost entirely carried by the cheeky charm of the star - he has something about him that forgives much of the mediocrity of this rather silly thriller with an ending that is pretty inevitable. Aim low and and you might enjoy it - but I mean low....

Reviewed by levy-02951 1 / 10

Vega's path... ends

I was a big fan of Mr. Vega's productions. Yeah, I was. Unfortunately, every next one of the last 3 productions is getting worse and worse. Poor script, bad dialogues, worse and worse playing - you can see that Patryk Vega, who finances his productions, goes for quantity, not quality.

There are strong, niche films that still remain an art.This one has nothing to do with it.

With this film I finish watching Mr. Vega's production. You decide for yourselves, I do not recommend it at all.

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