Phoebe Robinson: Sorry, Harriet Tubman



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billjamesmc 1 / 10

1 star because she was so cute in 2 Dope Queens

Well I have never been so dissapointed!!

This girl has put on weight, deepened her voice, and delivered a stand up show with zero comedy and dull emotionless eyes.

Even the Brooklyn audience felt it, as they laughed maybe 10 times (seemed as if it was because they felt sorry for her) during the whole 45 minute show.

No girl magic here of any color.


Reviewed by lee-dunc 3 / 10

about to turn this sH1! off

She needs someone in her camp that will tell her the truth.

This might be funny with ur girls with a few bottles in ya. But it's beneath her. Too many old references and nothing really profound sans the title.

Reviewed by pka-76747 1 / 10

She was not ready!

Not sure how much work she put in to prepare for a HBO special. Or who she blackmailed to get on a platform of that magnitude but she really sucks a as stand up comedian. The formulas required to have a successful set were all missing. I didn't laugh or smile one time. This is the worse I've seen on prime time tv. She has a lot of work to do. And I hope her team are not enablers but honest and sincere people. I'm assuming since her duet was successful they assumed her stand alone show would parallel that success but HBO you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Phoebe this is straight disrespectful to the comedians that work every night sharpening and perfecting their craft; the ones that should've been on that stage in your place!

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