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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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Mark Margolis as Sol Robeson
Ajay Naidu as Farrouhk
Ben Shenkman as Lenny Meyer
Samia Shoaib as Devi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ben hibburd 7 / 10

Pi Review.

I didn't really want to review this film as there's not a great deal to say about it that people haven't already. Darren Aronofsky's debut film is a bizarre, surreal, intelligent, paranoia fuelled film about a mathematician who's trying to uncover the patterns of the universe.

The main reason I wanted to talk about this film, is that Clint Mansell's incredible score is in my opinion one of the best scores I've heard in any film. It's an expertly constructed piece of work that helps to elevate every aspect of this film. The score is perfectly intertwined with the central character of the film, and works as his inner monologue to reflect his different mental states throughout the film. From being eerie to panic ridden to sheer mania it's a bold piece of work. That when I found myself drifting from the film it was the score that kept sucking me back in with it's intoxicating atmosphere.

The film on the whole is pretty good, but without the score I don't think this film would've worked nearly as well as it did. I would recommend watching this film for the soundtrack alone.

Reviewed by Moe Yasmine 1 / 10


A cocktail of disturbing images and sounds. This is meant to be deep and abstract story but it fails in delivering that. The disconnect between events and various scenes don't add up. I tried hard to enjoy this but couldn't. A sat back and chilled but it annoyed me. The sounds and graphics have me a headache,p. The black and white doesn't help either. Wouldn't recommend it for any occasion

Reviewed by rod-ruger 2 / 10

Pretending to be deep

For people who know little about numbers, this might be an interesting sci-fi movie. It is not. Pi tries to make mathematical patterns interesting. Patterns can be interesting, of course, but not mind-bending. This movie panders to pseudo-intellectuals/mathematicians. Watch it a pretend you get some subtle message. By doing so, you become a genius, supposedly. If you like to identify with smarties, you might better watch Good Will Hunting. Pi is a composite of weird sounds, funky camera shots, and B.S. that, to some, might make it appear deep. It is pap.

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