Picture Perfect


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Reviewed by bigbadwolf666 10 / 10

Picture Perfect( Review)

After watching leprechaun and thinking Aniston was cute as a kid. Once I saw this I thought she'd be one of my favorite actresses. You could say this was a better story than Sex and the city. I've always been a fan of this movie but looking back at it at a mature prospective unrealistic. I suppose as a boy you'd think society would be more open, friendlier, and have a sense of humor. Reality bites. It just happens that she falls on the lap of a wedding photographer who happens to be the only other male in the movie or the wedding to hit on her. Aniston is too attractive in this one. Then some story comes to play where this guy who takes a picture with her is her husband to better her career. She could've just came with the truth then or found a replacement. Somehow this guy shows up in her life having a crush. The guy of course is not ugly because the story wouldn't be perfect if he was. Then of course he is single and head over heels. Anyone one with a brain would've ran the other way when she told him the fake story, not to mention the cheap thousand offer and seeing him as disposable. The other half would've been very interested in her going along with the story in the pursuit of her. Example when he grabs her butt and puts her in her office. I'm sorry, the noise and bumping you would've heard would've been all over town. Who wouldn't? He was sleeping in her house, pretending to be her bf, and she was friendly towards him. Thats why its a movie. To add injury to insult he is a likable guy and you cant help but feel sorry for him because she is a wreck. I like when she is about to tell Bacon( character) the truth he shows up and acts like her bf and reads she has a thing going on with him. He did little to act like the jealous bf to point out that she was to be his for real. But in real life that would've been the start. For a hottie like Aniston I would've been taking on all of NY. I liked what he did to try to outsmart her and try play down the brake up. Though he should've resisted her nagging. He had chances and could've easily acted dumb and make it seem like it couldn't happen increasing his chances to change her mind. Im sorry but one little kick and a couple of hissy phone calls and nags wouldn't be enough to deter me. I would've acted zombie, drunk to downplay her silliness, and smashed the phone. Then proclaiming she is the most beautiful girl in the world and that I only had eyes for her. All the while acting oblivious to her claims and saying that marriage is a good trait of a long term partnership( business). He could've made it seem like it was someone else on the line. The elbow in the eye was an easy one to get to change her mind. Beat up Bacon and please her after he tenders her wounds. Since he was a nice guy and "sex" wasn't on his mind. He worked on her unstable mind and decided it was best to get out. I really like how he is not accepting of her in the beginning of the end. It showed that he was a real great guy and that he had no interest in her superficially but more of a good relationship with her. He knew she was toxic and their was no curing her. Unless of course she broke all the rules which she did and proved that she was worthy. He had a great deal of respect of himself. A trait not common in movies. He was very angry at her. Being dismissive and not bothering to give her a sec. But that showed to me that he cared a lot, too much and that he was deeply bothered. Though great acting, story, and apparently light. There were many underlying themes like this that made the movie great for me and memorable. I liked that they kept adding her mother to it. One of the most memorable things about the movie for me that I really like and remember to this day is the watch story. Bacon was good in this though I found unrealistic about the character was that he was shallow and though he could've had a great relationship with her he was too shallow to consider. Most shallow men like this don't have a happy ending like they did with her of Im not bad but we can still be friends and I care a lot. The boss when he found out he was perfectly okay with it though through the movie he was condescending. I like that the movie had 3 stir of echos actors in it. One of the most interesting aspect of this movie is its allegory with the real Aniston as she is also so obsessed with her career and never would end up with a guy like Jay Mohr more like Brad Pitt, and dated tons of dead beats. She can easily find a great guy and have a great life without the stupid bloodsucking movie industry. But no her career is more important than anything in the world, including ironically her mother. Probably dated with all those guys to help her career. No wonder unliked Pitt when from her to Jolie. Both are comparable but Jolie with her all nuttiness was less selfish than to think what lines, movies, make up, red carpets am I going to attend next? She didn't need all that surgery and tons of enhancements to look good. What has Hollywood been feeding her? Collegen and peroxide. What a Perfect woman. Picture Perfect.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 9 / 10

Adorable 90s Rom-Com

Picture Perfect is really cute. If you haven't seen it, rent it during your next haul of 90s romantic comedies, an already extinct but immortalized genre.

Jennifer Aniston, during her FRIENDS reign, made a few movies on the side in hopes of having a career after television. In Picture Perfect, she's absolutely adorable, making what might have been an unlikable character on paper easy to root for. She plays a career woman, eager to advance to the next corporate ladder rung. Her boss tells her she has no motivation, such as a husband, family, home. A little lie and a picture of her and a stranger—boom! She gets a fictional fiancé and a promotion.

But what happens when the fictional fiancé shows up, and she's already falling in love with someone else? Seriously, can anyone really compete with Kevin Bacon and his famous strut? This movie is full of laughs, and one of the most hilarious mother-daughter on screen pairings. Go rent it, either with your girlfriends or with your mother. You'll love it.

Reviewed by Uriah43 5 / 10

A Rather Tepid Rom-Com

"Kate" (Jennifer Aniston) is a young, single and promising employee of an advertising company who is held back because the boss, "Mr. Mercer" (Kevin Dunn) doesn't believe that her current life situation is stable enough to keep her fully committed to working at the firm. So to counter that perception her best friend, "Darcy" (Illeana Douglas) convinces Mr. Mercer that she is engaged to a man by the name of "Nick" (Jay Mohr) even though Kate barely knows him. This immediately prompts Mr. Mercer to invite Kate and Nick to dinner in order to get to know him. To make matters even more complicated, the person she has a crush on named "Sam" (Kevin Bacon) is not interested in her at all—until he hears that she is engaged to Nick. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a rather tepid rom-com which suffered from predictability and a sparse amount of humor. That being said, I have rated this film accordingly. Average.

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