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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 97%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 7 10 17595

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David Knell as Chef Finway
Adam Arkin as Darius
Alex Wolff as Amir
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by authoralexanderwhite 9 / 10


"We don't get a lot of things to care about."

Cage was brilliant. The writing was sleek. Just beautiful.

Reviewed by chordpro 9 / 10

Hello, ending explainer here

(massive spoilers ahead) I think a lot of you are misunderstanding the point of the movie as a whole... I'm seeing a lot of reviews complaining that the "story went nowhere" or that it was "entertaining, but nothing happened."

Yes, the beginning of the story is about a broken man looking for his lost truffle pig, but the actual progression of the story is through Robin Feld's emotions. This isnt a movie about healing, this is a movie about breaking your barriers and *beginning* to heal. Anyone notice how at the beginning of the movie he couldnt listen to the tape his wife made him, but at the end he sat and listened to the whole thing?

To be clearer... the pig was, metaphorically, Lorelai Feld. Robin had attached the idea of his wife to an animal so that he could convince himself Lorrie was never really gone. And that's the beauty of this film - his outbursts are his struggle with past grief, and his release is when the pig dies... and so his wife finally, truly, dies. And now he can heal.

Anyway 9/10 movie, hope I helped!

Reviewed by Rena24 8 / 10

Phenomenal...Just Phenomenal!!

This movie brought back life to Cinema! And it's absolutely stunning, touching, real and Authentic. In a world of plastic CGI and ultra unrealistic movies which you can absolutely not relate to, this one is a breath of fresh air that will touch the inner most part of you heart. I felt it as tears rolled on my cheek's (I miss you dad). Kudos to the entire production team and welcome back Cage ; we have waited for this from you for a long time. Thank you so much.

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