Pink: Staying True


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hender1188 10 / 10

Pink is one of a kind!

I've always been I fan. Ever since I heard "Hazard to myself" I knew that Pink was an honest artist that I would follow closely. I've enjoyed watching her and her music evolve over the years and have always tried to see her when she plays Denver. Being such a big fan it was with great anticipation that I watched "Staying True." The thing I loved most was watching the interviews with Pink and seeing how she has changed, but stayed true to herself throughout the years. One of my favorite moments was when she refused to play for Prince William because he hunted Lions. As a fierce Peta supporter she couldn't bring herself to perform for him. Its stories like this that have established Pink as an individual and I recommend anyone who is a fan watch this documentary!

Reviewed by Mrobinson8609 9 / 10

Great documentary about a great artist!

Pink is one of a kind and that is made abundantly clear throughout this slick documentary/retrospective of her career. The thing that is coolest and most refreshing about Pink is that she has remained real and has not changed. Throughout the documentary she comes across as real, down to earth, and not afraid to speak her mind, something that is lacking in most modern day pop princesses. I have always been a fan, but after seeing her realness in this documentary I found myself not only loving, but respecting her as an artist as well. The other cool thing was listening to people talk about working with her. The glowing praise proves that she is a one of a kind diva and a breath of fresh air!

Reviewed by samsmom0407 10 / 10

Pink nicely documented through the years.

I really liked this film. I like how we get to see her career from beginning to current. One thing I learned in this documentary was that Pink was an R & B artist before she became Pink. I had no idea. I probably would never have got to enjoy her music if she stayed R & B. After watching "Pink: Staying True", her songs make so much more sense to me. I understand what she meant and was going through while she wrote the songs. We learn that she fought hard to let the world know the real Pink. Looks like it paid off for everyone. The interviews are really good too. The documentary shows you interviews and clips from when she was a teenager up to now. So you really see her "grow up". She is still wild, of course but there is a difference. I love seeing all her different looks through the years.

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