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Walt Disney as Russian Guards Puppets
Mae Questel as Puppets
Mel Blanc as Figaro / Donkeys / Gideon
Thurl Ravenscroft as Monstro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 10 / 10


This is absolutely, without a doubt one of the best movies ever made. Keep in mind, this movie is only the second feature length animated movie. This is Walt Disney's masterpiece. It's filled with vibrancy and charm. It goes to dark places, and takes so many risks. For me though, every single one of them pay off. Pinocchio is so gullible and charming, and Jiminy Cricket is one of the best mentor characters ever put to film. I love this movie, because I actually care about these characters. They're written in a way that is unbelievably amazing, the script is phenomenal, and the incredible performances, help too. The musical numbers are fun and beautiful. This movie can shift emotions so easily, it goes from heartwarming, to heartbreaking. I remember as a young kid, I really didn't like this movie. It wasn't until I was age thirteen, that I recognized how beautiful this movie was. Everything about this movie is outstanding. If I were to recommend only five films, this would be one of them. Sheer cinematic bliss.

Reviewed by elicopperman 10 / 10

When You Wish Upon a Star, This Happens

In the 77 years that it's been around, Pinocchio still stands the test of time as not just one of the greatest animated Disney films, but one of the greatest animated films of all time. While it's easy to understand why this film remains a classic, it's most important to understand the roots for its main song, which has become the national anthem for the Walt Disney Company.

When You Wish Upon a Star is not simply a hauntingly heartwarming melody on its own, but it is also a very important message to those who dream. Although obviously metaphorical (I mean a wish isn't granted just like that), the general idea that it just might is a splendidly happy dream altogether. Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations, and as long as they give the right amount of dedication their dream deserves, then they'll accomplish wonders and earn said goal. Walt Disney himself said it best, "If you can dream it, you can do it.", which perfectly coincides to what the titular character went through to become a real boy.

Originally, Pinocchio was supposed to be arrogant and cocky like in the original book this film was based on, but I'm glad they went with the decision to make him more innocent and oddball. When you're a child, you learn the world at your own pace, so the dangers and obstacles Pinocchio encounters are a frightening but vital lesson to understand what's right and wrong in the world. Although Jimmy Cricket isn't the best conscience, he still does his best to keep Pinocchio out of harm's way so the wooden boy can improve and get better overtime. I'm sure at the end of the day, we all want to improve from our mistakes, but we must remember said mistakes so we can have a better knowledge on life. That way we really can prove how loyal and good we are, not unlike Pinocchio.

From a technical standpoint, the animation is fantastic for its time, and it still looks breathtaking to this day. Along with fluid and upbeat character animation, the colors are nothing short of eye candy, the backgrounds have a very rich European aesthetic to them, and the effects are so well designed that it's hard to imagine how they crafted them. The use of the multiplane camera is another highlight, as the backgrounds move in a more realistic and brisk pace that gives each piece of art a chance to be seen and judged on its own merits.

The characters are also charming and lovable, from the kind hearted albeit absent minded Geppetto, to the deliciously malicious Honest John and Gideon, to the adorable Figaro and Cleo. Whether they be supporters or obstacles for Pinocchio, they all fit the story well enough to drive the film along. However, the villains are another story, as unlike most Disney films, they don't get outsmarted by the protagonists and end up getting away with their crimes. This presents them in a more realistic manner and it's not hard to feel disturbed by their actions. Not to mention, the voice-acting is splendid and each actor gives just the right amount of spunk, personality and even relatability to keep the audience entertained and invested.

While many animated Disney films like Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, Fantasia, The Lion King and Zootopia definitely deserve the acclaim they've received, I think Pinocchio will forever be the companies' crowning achievement. The message to follow your dreams while doing your best to be a better person has become a key message for Disney, and considering they are the company where dreams (supposedly) come true, it fits the bill superbly. So definitely have fun with this movie, but also remember how important it is to believe in your dreams so that one day they might come true, and it starts with you getting there.

Reviewed by Sherrill777 4 / 10

Not a fan of this Disney Feature

The Bad: Some people consider this one of Disney's best movies – I am not one of them. The 'hero' is extremely unlikeable. The situations Pinocchio ends up in are borderline terrifying (both for a child, and for an adult who can think through the deeper implications of kidnapping/slavery). Those who are evil in the movie don't end up punished, they simply seem to get away with it. Most of the songs are not enjoyable. The drinking and smoking don't bother me, personally, although they are shown in a very positive light at first ("Look kids, on Pleasure Island, you can do whatever you want, and that means you can finally get that cigar and whiskey you've always been craving!").

The Good:

I believe this is supposed to be viewed as a morality tale – like Aesop's Fables – and as such this movie defies several "normal" Disney conventions. For example, it appears that bad behavior (such as telling lies or being selfish) is the true villain. And, like any morality tale, it is meant as a lesson. Granted, the moral of the story is a good one (dealing with bravery, truthfulness, and selflessness along with the idea of not trusting strangers) although it comes across as very heavy-handed. The song "When you wish upon a star" is extremely lovely and timeless.

The Mom view:

I can admire this movie's unique story, but I don't find it in any way appropriate for young children. As a parent, I find Geppetto, to be the most sympathetic character and one who should be the true hero of the story, despite his lack of screen-time. And his struggles with his child might be a good allegory for all parents who have kids who make devastatingly bad choices. For older kids, this might be a creative way for a parent to discuss some relevant issues such as peer pressure.

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