Pirates of the Great Salt Lake


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salt lake city, utah

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Reviewed by endkaos 9 / 10

Great independent movie, a must see for film buffs.

This film recently won Festival Choice at the 2006 Phoenix Film Festival. I was partially skeptical when I entered the theater, preparing to find the film demeaning to those who love pirates. I was pleasantly surprised to be drawn into the movie and found myself caring for the success of the characters.

E.R. Nelson should be commended for tackling a "water movie" as his first feature film and being successful with the story line. Those of you familiar with the Great Salt Lake may find some of the scenes especially funny, including the natural aspects of the environment.

If you ask why I gave this movie and 9 out of 10, the reason is at the end and I don't want to give away the ending. I just wish there could have been a little bit more.

Reviewed by srfrazier 10 / 10

Pirates on the Great Salt Lake like other great off beat comedies

Pirates on the Great Salt Lake, what a novel idea. The film was clever--an evil pawn broker, two pirates, a worried mother, a gypsy, a detective, and a girl seeking a bad boy. The pirates are of course looking for buried treasure; their dialogue and comic relief was hilarious and they take you to the end of the journey effortlessly. The pawn broker makes an excellent villain. The cinematography was amazing, I never realized the Great Salt Lake was so beautiful, it is breathtaking. The film has a good message and the soundtrack is very well done. I would recommend this film to anyone that liked Office Space, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, or My Name is Earl (TV show).

Reviewed by FreddieW 10 / 10

Original and out there!

This is hands down one of the craziest movies I have seen in a long time. It's everything I didn't suspect it would be and then some. I thought it would be some knock-off spoof, but I was surprised. I totally didn't see this coming.

The plot is too far out there to describe, but it's basically a modern version of the Don Quixote story... though still very original. The idea is masterful, and the timing seems perfect. Well written (highly quotable!) and well paced, and the score is surprisingly epic for a low-budget indy. The acting is very strong. There seem to be obvious influences... I would say The Big Lebowski, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Napoleon Dynamite (it stars Trish!)... and it's all so funny.

If there is any justice in this world, this film will find distribution. What else can I say. Go see it!

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