Pitch Perfect 3


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 52370


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Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by katiefanatic-791-306918 4 / 10

who knew a full movie about fat amy was a bad thing?

I knew i would not like this movie when *SPOILER* it was nonchalantly mentioned jesse (skylar astin) and beca (anna kendrick) had broken up and he'd moved on way too quick. way to character assassinate. it just got worse from there. rebel wilson is a comedic actress, but too much of her is just obnoxious and that is what this movie is-obnoxious. i rarely laughed and i didn't recognize most songs they sang. i must be getting old. i have to say my favorite in the series is 2. there is no puking i have to fast forward through. and beca and jesse's cuteness makes up for everything else. elizabeth banks and john michael higgins are hilarious as always. basically, this movie only gets four stars because of who is in it, not for its story.

Reviewed by petewill 3 / 10

Poor Storyline

So PP 1 & 2 were fun to watch, hell I've watched them a whole bunch of times... The storylines were ok, regards an Aca Contest blah blah blah... but this... this takes the cake... They go on a quest to compete with two other bands and a rapper??? And end up being 007 agents blowing up a boat after being kidnapped???


I feel this would have been a better movie, if the Bella's had gotten jealous of the younger hotter Bella's and competed against them... Maybe the Younger Bella's introduced guys to the group, and the Older Bella's teamed up with the Tones...

THIS would have made WAY more sense... Com On guys - you spoiled a great franchise there...

Wait for the DVD - or even TV...

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 8 / 10

Fun final installment of this franchise

Sticking to its roots, this final and 3rd chapter was a pleasant watch with some great vocals, good entertainment and fun comedy. Great new cast members made the film feel that much more entertaining. It's a well deserved 9/10 from me

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