Play It to the Bone


Action / Comedy / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Woody Harrelson as Vince Boudreau
Kevin Costner as Ringside Fan
Lucy Liu as Lia
Jennifer Tilly as Ringside Fan
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

should be liking this

After a couple of unforeseen circumstances, casino owner Hank Goody (Robert Wagner), fight promoters Joe Domino (Tom Sizemore) and Artie (Richard Masur) need a couple of fighters quick to fill the undercard that night. They call up over-the-hill Cesar Dominguez (Antonio Banderas) and Vince Boudreau (Woody Harrelson). The two best friends get Grace Pasic (Lolita Davidovich), who has been involved with both, to drive from L.A. to Vegas. Along the way, they pick up hitchhiker Lia (Lucy Liu).

This wants to be a comedic romp but sometimes it's off-putting. It starts with plenty of darkness and then Tom Sizemore gets terribly annoying. Harrelson and Banderas have good buddy chemistry. Davidovich is a pretty brassy broad and she steals the movie from the guys. I wanted Lucy Liu to stay in this movie. I really wanted to like this but I'm not really laughing.

Reviewed by Sam smith (sam_smithreview) 8 / 10

you don't need heavy hits, if you have huge hearts

This is one of my favorite sporting films of all time. Simply because it doesn't try to go over board with fighting, or make this out to be simple boxing movie with no plot.

Play it to the Bone, is about two best friends, who happen to be two boxers who once were great fighters and potential contenders for the title shot.

As luck would have it, the two friends get a chance to face each other and fight not only for some money, which they both need as both of them are pretty broke, but also the winner gets a title shot.

This film is about friendship, courage and one's faith in himself more then it is about sports or boxing. Now, don't get me wrong it has some nice boxing scenes and both Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas do an excellent job as boxers, and friends and have really great chemistry together. The two are also very good at comical moments and know how to be funny, which gives this film some needed laughs and makes it that much more enjoyable.

I would definitely recommended this film to any one and every one, who likes comedies, actions, sports, drama or simply feel good movies.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 6 / 10

Play It Again, Sam.

Play it to the Bone (1999): Dir: Ron Shelton / Cast: Woody Harrelson, Antonio Banderas, Lolita Davidovich, Lucy Liu, Tom Sizemore: Boxing film about going to the limit of physical endurance and anticipating victory but reduced to road movie formula with a predictable outcome. Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas venture to Las Vegas to compete in a boxing match against each other. They agree only if they are guaranteed a heavyweight championship fight within six months. Ron Shelton films the boxing scenes with exhilaration and given hilarious chemistry from Harrelson and Banderas. Shelton is known as a director of sports related films such as Tin Cup and White Men Can't Jump. Harrelson reflects upon a past bout where he nearly one the fight but the referee went the other way on the decision. Banderas remembers a ten count where he was unable regain to his feet. Both leads play off each other effectively and take the screenplay beyond the simplicity. Lolita Davidovich on the other hand, is unfocused in her motivations. She loves both males yet comes across as a pathetic romantic tease. Lucy Liu serves no purpose other than to show up and engage in sex. Tom Sizemore plays the standard raw fight promoter whose role require him to yell in everyone's face. The message regards regaining your purpose and trying to relive past glories. Score: 6 / 10

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