Play Motel

1979 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 364

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

Forget Motel 6 and Holiday Inn—this is Motel 69 and Holiday Inn and Out!

After finding the dead body of a woman in the trunk of their car, aspiring actor Roberto Vinci (Ray Lovelock) and his girlfriend Patrizia (stunning blonde Anna Maria Rizzoli) are recruited by the police to investigate a motel where the rich and powerful go to indulge in S&M themed sex games.

Play Motel's weak murder/blackmail plot-line just about qualifies this shameless smut-fest as a giallo, but the movie is far removed from the more acclaimed examples of the genre, films that frequently fused sex with violence but rarely allowed the nudity and nookie to be the driving force. Here, death, intrigue and suspense definitely play second fiddle to the abundant bumping and grinding, with even the occasional hardcore shot thrown in for good measure. Argento this is not! Needless to say, the stylish visuals, bloody set-pieces and snazzy soundtracks synonymous with the giallo are completely absent, replaced by an excess of writhing naked flesh, a couple of pedestrian strangulations, and a wonderfully cheesy theme song that kicks in every time the characters get jiggy—which is a lot.

The movie's dreadful narrative and shoddy direction mean that it is unlikely to appeal to serious connoisseurs of the giallo genre, but if the Euro-sleaze of Joe D'amato and Jess Franco has somehow found a way into your collection, then Play Motel, with its bevy of gorgeous babes and copious scenes of kinky sex, should be a no-brainer.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

Reviewed by andrabem 8 / 10

Stop by the Play Motel and have a lot of fun!

"Play Motel" is a very sleazy giallo – a good thriller with generous doses of sex.

"Play Motel" is the name of a motel located in Rome. There's a complex web of deceit and blackmail linked to this motel. People belonging to the upper levels of society are attracted to the Play Motel and are photographed while they are engaged in their "games". Suddenly things get out of control and mainly "models", somehow linked to the blackmail scheme, begin to get murdered.

The investigations are led by Detective Inspector de Sanctis (Anthony Steffen), and he's aided by a couple, Roberto (Ray Lovelock) and Patrizia (Anna Maria Rizzoli).

The film is not just sleazy (featuring even some hardcore scenes), but funny and thrilling as well, featuring the always acid Italian humor. There are many pretty women and the sex scenes are very good (and funny too!). I also like the soundtrack (and in particular the film's theme song – "Play Motel").

Stop by the "Play Motel" and have a lot of fun!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 9 / 10

Fantastic Italian ultra-sleaze.

"Play Motel" is a very rare giallo that features Ray Lovelock in a tale of a Motel that has a playroom designed for more interesting sexual liaisons.The place also makes a habit of photographing the sexual encounters and blackmailing the parties involved.Add to this a black gloved killer and some hard core inserts and you have one of the weirdest giallos your ever going to see."Play Motel" by Mario Gariazzo mixes giallo,crime and comedy with plenty of hard core sex.The music is pretty bad,however the addition of black gloved killer is a nice touch.Ray Lovelock and Annamaria Rizzoli are very enjoyable as the two lovers.Overall,I loved this ultra-sleazy giallo and you should too,if you are into Italian smut.9 out of 10.

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