Play or Die


Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 943


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evelyn-arfeuille 3 / 10

Just meh...

Watched it because I like the escape room-concept. Wouldn't recommend this one. Quite boring, not a lot of suspense. Weird plot twist at the end.

Reviewed by goirak 1 / 10

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This movie is really stupid and doesn't respect the viewers, we are not as stupid as they think, a movie with a few gore scene badly made and a none sense scenario is not going to be enought, the ending is the so disapointing, Avoid at all cost. Not even one smart idea or good scene, but i think the scenario is really the worst part.

Reviewed by carlos-pires 1 / 10

Pure waste of time

Terrible movie. You can always tell a movie is going to be awful when the director manages to botch a sex scene right away, during the first 5 minutes. To sum it up: this movie is built on an utterly idiotic plot, filled with paper-thin characters played by lousy actors with terrible accents. Avoid at all costs.

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