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Jordana Spiro as Tonya Jenkins
Tasha Smith as Vonda
Elise Neal as Summer Twitty
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Reviewed by magicdamages 1 / 10

Exactly What is WRONG with Movies Today

Just, no. This is a poor excuse for a movie. Poor writing, poor acting, poor directing. I watched it on Netflix while in the mood for something "cheesy" -- and even this went too far.

The characters are absolutely basic: there's no depth or any redeeming qualities to any of them, except MAYBE Elise Neal's character, and that's only because her boyfriend (who gets creepily close to raping her with the whole "No means, YES baby" thing) cheats on her with her cousin. The main character Cedric cheats on his girlfriend within TEN MINUTES of the movie starting, in the bathroom while out with his friends.

He comes back and LITERALLY RIGHT THERE talks about proposing to his girl next weekend. WHAT? Soon after he's hit with a paternity suit and possible rape claim by a woman he claims to never have seen in his life. DUDE ... we just saw you cheat on your girl, why on earth should the audience feel bad for you? He also has a sister (it takes a while to figure out that's how they're related) and a nephew. The nephew (who is about 5) DIES, but is pretty much never brought up again, nor do we see the sister after the funeral. The other pointless storyline are these two cooks who have LITERALLY NOTHING to do with any of the other characters. I mean, you really can't tell what they have to do with the rest of the movie, it's almost bizarre.

Besides that, the woman who has filed a paternity suit (and yes, actually has his baby) is on screen for less than 15 minutes, even though that's the basic conflict (apparently?) of the film. Listen, I know not everything has to be amazing stuff, but this is insulting.

Reviewed by bless1 8 / 10

Great love story!

This is a good movie. As always Allen Payne always does a good job. This movie will draw you in and keep you trying to figure out how the "problem" happened. There are some funny parts but the best part is the ending. If you really pay attention the lines of the characters of Payne and Neal you will probably figure out the ending. Neal is so hot in this movie, its good to see her back in movies again. By the way Allen Payne can play some ball, check him out in the movie Crossover, now on DVD. There are some well known actors in this movie besides Payne and Neal. There the guy who plays the character Esqire in the movie ATL(he also stars in Idlewild), and one of my favorites Anthony "Treach" Criss, Traci Cherelle Jones(Baby Boy-Yvettes homegirl.

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