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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rubenm 8 / 10

The world according to children

This is really a very remarkable film. Exploring the group dynamics of school children, director Laura Wandel has taken the radical choice of positioning her camera at children's height, registering only what children see. Adults are reduced to supporting roles, and they are only visible when they occupy themselves directly with Nora, the heroine of Un Monde, played amazingly by 9 year old Maya Vanderbeque.

Not only the way Wandel shows us what children see makes this film special. The script is also very clever in explaining how the mechanics of bullying can really make young children desperate, and how it is almost impossible to find a solution using adult logic. It is almost a cliché to say that children can be very cruel, but this film shows why and how it happens.

The almost documentary filming style, with lots of close-ups, is impressive. In one crucial scene, the camera focuses for several mintues on Nora's face, while she registers what's going on around her. The viewer hears what she hears, but sees only her face. The result is spectacular.

This film can easily stand next to the other great documentary-style film about school life, 'Entre les murs'. That film was nominated for an Oscar. 'Un Monde' is the Belgian entry for the Oscar race. It deserves at least a nomination.

Reviewed by gsygsy 9 / 10

Potent storytelling

I've never seen anything quite like this film before. It is so truthful it could easily pass for a documentary about the life of young schoolchildren. But it is also as skilful a piece of storytelling as any mainsteam movie. Above all, it contains within it an unspoken but ever-present warning that , unless we're careful, we can end up fighting playground battles all our lives.

Reviewed by paulhjrickards 8 / 10

Gripping and thoughtful...

A fine movie showing at the London Film festival. In the Belgium hard-htting tradition of the Dardenne's, with a hint of the great Alan Clarke's minimal shooting style. SHort and brutally honest. The director has an interesting voice...

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