Police Tactics


Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 8 / 10

Terrific fourth installment is a violent, bloody epic

The fourth installment of this series details how escalating violence amongst yakuza created a bloody fallout that resulted in the deaths of many innocent civilians. As a result of public and political pressure to crack down on the violence, the police were forced to act against the crime families they had co-existed with for so long.

You would be doing yourself a disservice watching this entry if you had not seen the previous three. It is simply the fifth hour in a close-to-eight-hour epic that examines, in fascinating detail, the rise of post-WW2 organized crime in Japan.

This is a particularly bloody, nasty installment that is filled with action, intrigue, political maneuvering and vicious back-stabbing.

Fukasaku's grasp of the material is firm and the performances remain at the highest standard.


Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

More of the same in this epic gangster film series

The fourth and penultimate film in Kenji Fukasaku's epic quintet of yakuza films that began with BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY. Fans of this series can expect more of the same in terms of sudden and explicit violence countered with lots of scenes of eating, drinking, and plotting. As with the previous films in this series, it's all about the politics of power, and the struggle for supremacy between rival factions.

A word of warning: if you haven't watched any of the previous films, you'll struggle with what's going on here, because back story is everything. If you have watched the previous films, I can say that this one is a slight step down in quality, although still enjoyable; perhaps it's the familiarity of the whole thing that makes this one drag a little, the need for a proper resolution.

POLICE TACTICS is still an enjoyable film, although series lead Bunta Sugawara takes something of a back seat here as other players come to fame and fortune and feature heavily. Fukasaku's direction is as strong as ever, and the calibre of the performances never fails to disappoint. The series would close with the fifth and last film, FINAL EPISODE.

Reviewed by realIK17 5 / 10

Still confusing yakuza politics

This film is more or less the same with the third installment with the same confusing yakuza politics. I know it's hard to make up stories for the whole film series, so this boring storyline is somewhat forgiving. At the end, the yakuza is transformed into a political organization which is so similar to the fate of mafia in the US. A lot of the labor organizations more or less have mafia influence.

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