Pompeii: Sin City


Documentary / Drama / History

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 32

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Isabella Rossellini as Self - Presenter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cme252002 1 / 10

Any serious scholar of Pompei should avoid this.

This poorly constructed and trite expose of focuses on the mythology of the Gods worshipped by the populace and skims over the architecture and artworks on the walls of the buildings. It is made more excruciating by reenactments of the Gods by actors in modern dress in a forrest setting for a extended periods in the movie. I was expecting something totally different as there must be a great deal of research and scholarly evidence that could have made this a much more impactful event. All it all this was a total waste of time and should be avoided as it represents a romantic and dull view of the SIN that the occupants were supposed to have indulged in.

Reviewed by tim-48212 1 / 10


Missed opportunity. The modern cutaways are embarrassing and totally unnecessary. Wrong presenter and wrong director. Some of the footage of the city are great but the closeups of the speakers and the attempt to make it arty are overindulgent and not sophisticated in any way. Great subject matter that has been covered before in better ways, so not sure why they bothered and who funded and why Isabella Rosallini to present it. Maybe sounded good at a meeting but rubbish in practice!

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10

Long for a Documentary

Could have been a good doc but it's focus is more on style than history.

A lot of talking heads talking about stuff you are likely not so interested in.

I wanted to see the ruins and learn more about that. NOt some wall paintings and a bunch of academic types debating the meaning.

In all I was rather bored. Especially since this clocks in at nearly 90 minutes.

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