Post Mortem


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2244

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paolozavatta 9 / 10

Atmospheric ghost story

Saw this film at the Science plus Fiction festival of Trieste. I really loved it. The story and pacing are good. The historical setting is very well done and immerse the viewer in the era and location, the supernatural element has a nice crescendo, it reminded me of a good ghost story around a fire that people would narrate to others during a long winter night. The atmosphere is palpable. The two main actors (the young girl and the photograper) were phenomenal. I would suggest to do not miss this one if you like good ghost stories.

Reviewed by borgolarici 7 / 10

Super atmospheric

Let's get straight to the point: the plot doesn't really make much sense and there are some hinted subplots that never get really explained or explored. But!!! It's incredibly atmospheric and the setting (WWI rural Hungary) is original and refreshing. I definitely suggest horror lovers to give it a chance because it's not your average "Saturday horror movie".

Reviewed by Pairic 8 / 10

The Spanish Lady Stalks The Land

Post Mortem: Hungarian horror flick set in 1919 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Thomas (Viktor Klem) is a post mortem photographer, often snapping the dead with their loved ones. He is with a travelling fair when a young girl, Anna (Fruzsina Hais) asks him to travel to her village to photograph the dead. He only agrees because Anna looks just like a girl he saw in a vision when he was wounded during WW1. The village is gloomy, some residents wear flour sacks over their heads "to fend off the Flu", the dead are stored in a barn, partially frozen due to the Winter cold. Strange events ensue, he hears running on the roof, as he sets up the dead to be photographed we see them move and weep. Shadows appear in the images he develops. He sets out to solve the mystery with the help of Anna who seems wise beyond her years. The spirits which infest the town are noisy ghosts indeed, Poltergeist effects occur, ranging from moving objects to levitation and killings. Only real Zombie but he appears in a terrifying scene. Great performances by Klem and Hais, with an eerie village and an atmosphere which captures the dread and despair of the time when the Spanish Lady stalked the world. Directed & Co-Written by Péter Bergendy. 8/10.

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