Potato Salad

2015 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 1.3 10 6775

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roman-moehle-714-533866 1 / 10

One of the worst films in Youtube-History (really this is a rip-off)

If there was one movie that seems like total commerce, this is absolutely it. A bunch of German Youtubers get together to make unfunny jokes and money. There where no laughters in the audience. This is no hate. Just a sincere review. If you want to do unfunny Youtube Videos release them to Youtube. If you payed money to see this, I am deeply sorry. I considered leaving the cinema but wanted to see the whole piece. Save your money and don't give it to greedy "Youtubers". The basic story is explained quickly. A loser called "Leo" tries to become the new hero of his school when a mysterious virus appears. Summary: Unfunny jokes, very weak story, bad acting from "youtubers". Absolutely not recommend.

Reviewed by LLoveLy-54755 1 / 10

IMDb we need a 0 rating

Really awful. Don't waste your time. Even if they give you money to watch it you will regret it and you will never take back that hours from your life. You will suffer and suffer. I prefer to go watching a horse race or ice skating rather then this fully rubbish movie. I could sit and do nothing and still I will be more happy than spend hours watching this thing. I mean who wrote this? Do they have a mind? Really? And how could you accept a role as a actor in such a ridiculous movie? Are you OK? Please tell me? Why did you do that to us? Why ?

I wrote this review and I'm still in pain because I've seen this movie . Seriously physically pain it hurts and I need healing asap.

Reviewed by PaddyhatIMDb 1 / 10

Kartoffelsalat - A bad joke

„Kartoffelsalat" planned to change the German cinema. The first German movie, produced by and with German YouTubers. The idea stems from the German YouTuber Torge Oelrich, who worked together with Otto, a famous German comedian from the 90s. That might sound like the wet dream of the 2012 German YouTube community, but the movie already disappointed with its trailer.

Why did I gave the movie just 1 Point? The main reason for it, is the mindless story, the bad humor and the incredible awful screen play of the actors. Even the other German comedians, who came to aid Otto, disappointed. Everything they where able to accomplish , was to warm up old jokes from the 90s. The humor of the movie remembers me, at the uncle at family reunions, who annoys everyone with his bad jokes. The movie also got big technical issues. You can clearly see, that the lightning was done poorly, also the post-production is way behind the standard. All in one, the movie is clearly made fort he fans of the involved German YouTubers. The whole marketing for the movie points that out. I can't really recommend that movie, even if you like trash movies, „Kartoffelsalat" will properly disappoint you.

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