Pray Away



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sreeragmeppadath 10 / 10

Relevant everywhere

I was crying the whole time. Im not an American and live in a country where conversion therapy is norm. This documentary can save lives.

Reviewed by mdw-44875 1 / 10

Sad attempt to glorify horrid people

Read a critic review and thought I'd give this a chance. Where were the people destroyed by conversion therapy? The families torn apart by the hate and rhetoric of these organizations? The decades of harm and blood caused by the people in this filth. It felt like the whole point was a glorification of these horrid people, like we were supposed to feel sorry for them, for decades of misery they've caused. I hated every minute of this film and left more angry not just with the religious right but also the people who made this.

Reviewed by edwin-wks 4 / 10

The elephant in the room is religion, not conversion therapy

At the end, Michael Bussee says that "as long as there is homophobia, there will be some form of an organization like Exodus". He stops short of pointing the finger at religion which has been established by science as the primary source of homophobia.

What these ex-gay people are exhibiting by identifying with their oppressors is nothing short of Stockholm Syndrome. It is like the American POWs who sided with their North Korean captors. People will rationalize anything that they want to believe in if they are desperate or vulnerable enough. As a gay atheist who did once attend church to believe in Jesus, I question why the documentary did not focus on religion itself instead of conversion therapy which it spawned.

Why do some LGBTQ people still need to believe in God and remain in the same religion that demonizes them, when they can get the sense of belonging they desire from within the LGBTQ community? Yvette Cantu said that she misses being part of the religious community, yet she had quite readily cast off her membership to the LGBTQ community in the 1990s.

I could not help noticing that most of the people featured in this documentary are white, in spite of the diversity in the LGBTQ community. This is symptomatic of my experience as an Asian man in an LGBTQ community that does not treat its ethnic minorities equally. There is an increasing body of evidence about discrimination and racism within the LGBTQ community that result in poorer mental health for those who are affected by such prejudice. Perhaps that could be Ryan Murphy's next project, seeing how prodigious he is at documenting and validating the LGBTQ experience.

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