Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jameswalt1 10 / 10

Pure Magic

This is truly a magical 73 minutes and worthy of the long wait, and anticipation I've had for it. I wasn't sure what to expect, structurally, going in, I just knew my love for the game and the role it played in my growing up. So it's important to understand the focus of the documentary.

This doc is about the influence and impact of skateboarding (and it's culture) on the game's creation, and the subsequent impact of the game on the future of skateboarding and culture. This is not just a documentary about the history of the franchise that charts the rise and fall, details of development programming, the Robomodo games etc... This is all glossed over, but this is much more about how skateboarding, and Tony Hawk influenced a game, and how that game changed several landscapes for skateboarding, culture, and games to come.

It fully captured some magic here that truly speaks to my personal feelings when I think about THPS and it's impact in my gaming life, and life outside of the game. Watching it gave me goosebumps in a way I can't explain fully... They have put into video form some of the most nostalgic feelings of my late teens, and made me feel an era of my life in a way I haven't felt before... Kind of like when you smell the air on a certain day and you remember a time or place from your past.

This doc is a personal masterpiece for me.

Reviewed by joelbarnett-64049 3 / 10

'Indie Advert Flip'

The first twenty minutes of Pretending I'm a Superman offered promises of what the rest would fail to contain: interesting stories. Whilst everyone I wanted to hear from is featured to some extent they all fail to tell an interesting story past that of their own success from the videogames. It's nice to see a mention of the music but there's very little here involving the developers and the worlds they created.

There is little new to learn from the rest of the film. Small snippets of the film reveal a few minor worries with the videogame but there's a distinct lack of storytelling here. None of the frustrations develop into anything big. Every person seems to say the same thing - 'There could have been a problem, and I was worried about x but it was alright in the end,'. There's nothing inspiring to learn.

Missed opportunities include failing to show some of the prototypes that were talked about. One person recalls Bruce Willis skateboarding with a gun on his back but we don't get to see this. There's also no mention of Robomodo of what I would consider to be the downfall of the series.

It feels like the creators had to be kind to Activision and this damages how authentic the viewpoints of the people speaking are. By the end I was watching incase anything interesting happened, it didn't. The film became a corny drag to watch and I eagerly waited for the credits so I could get back to doing something else.

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