Pretty Little Stalker


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 391

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Nicky Whelan as Lorna
Ashley Rickards as Mallory
Heather Morris as Kelsey
Sierra McCormick as Bridget
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marksblackberry 1 / 10

My God what a wonderful waste of time

Enjoy it for what it is, a mess. I don't understand why you cast adults as teenagers and God the plot is up and down, I mean she murders people and there isnt even a police officer in the whole film.

Reviewed by Frankiesupafly 1 / 10

A 28 year old is not a teenager

I had so many issues with an "older looking" 27 year old playing a teenager that it was hard for me to take this movie seriously... the acting was also substandard and the plot so formulaic and predictable I could only watch half an hour of it! The actress who played Mallory was so awful, perhaps she should stick to Mensa and give acting a break. PS: WHO IN 2018 CAN'T RECOGNIZE A DRONE?!!!

Reviewed by linda_richards75 2 / 10

Total car crash

Everything about this movie was so bad I couldn't believe what I was watching. The nonsensical plot, disjointed story and acting so wooden it seemed like the actors were reading from cue cards. It's hard to believe from watching this that Ashley Rickards starred in a successful TV series. I gave it the second star for the 'so bad I can't look away factor' which I found oddly entertaining!

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