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Reviewed by brando647 7 / 10

Two Separate Plots Blended into a Cheesy, Sci-Fi Sexploitation Stew


This one came out of nowhere. I'm just watching my way through some Z-grade movies, enjoying cheesy science fiction, laughing at half-baked plots, and struggling to get through some real duds. Then I get to PREY. This one stands out from the rest. Not because it's sexploitation (already got a bit of that in HUNDRA) but because it lures you in with one plot but then sucker punches you with another once you get settled. PREY is two-fold, with a pair of plot threads running parallel over the course of the movie. The first, most obvious, and primarily advertised is that of the alien. The movie opens with the landing of an alien ship in the English countryside. The alien quickly murders a man and assumes his identity, wandering into the forest until he comes to an isolated cabin and our second plot line. Living in this cabin are a pair of lesbian lovers, Josephine (Sally Faulkner) and Jessica (Glory Annen). Right from the start, something seems off about these two. Josephine in particular seems angered by the presence of this mystery man and seethes with a hatred for men in general. Jessica is the more naïve of the couple, kind-hearted and caring. Her first reaction to this stranger on their property is to give him shelter and see to whatever wound is causing his limp. Tensions mount as Josephine struggles to turn Jessica against the man, who has assumed the name Anders Anderson (Barry Stokes), while Anderson tends to his own shady business.

You see, the movie starts out as a sort of body-snatchers thriller. We get the alien landing and then it stumbles across an attempted date rape in the middle of the woods; it rips the man's throat out and transforms to assume his identity before proceeding to crush his date to death with its bare hands. All right, cool. We're off to a fun start and there's even some gore effects when he kills the dude. Then we move on to the cabin and…hold on…now the movie is about a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship with an older woman. Keep in mind, when we first meet the alien it rips a man's throat out and yet, still, Josephine comes across as the most evil character in the movie. She's spiteful and passive aggressive; she's mentally and emotionally abusive to Jessica, keeping her trapped on this little farmstead. Josephine fills Jessica's head with venomous lies, telling her that they have to stay in their hidden little cabin because the evil villagers don't approve of their lesbian lifestyle. Whether that's true or not is never seen, as we rarely wander far from the cabin. And Josephine is hateful of any sort of outside interference. We constantly hear of a man name Stanley, a friend who apparently used to come along once in a while before the movie but has since ceased contact with them. Jessica misses him but Josephine insists she's wasting her time prattling on about him.

So we've got an alien presence and an abusive relationship, but that's not all PREY has to offer. This movie is insane and the more you think about it, the crazier it gets. Keep in mind, the women have no idea Anderson is an alien. They assume from his bizarre behavior that he's just mentally disabled in some fashion. They invite this odd stranger into their home and, at one point, have a little party where they inexplicably dress him up in women's clothing, make up and all. OK, he's an alien and has no idea what's going on, but to these women he's just a mentally confused stranger they can slather in lipstick. It gets crazier. At one point, Anderson ends up thrashing in a lake because he can't swim. In the wide shot, he is very obviously in water that can't be more than six inches deep. And he's just splashing around in a panic. Then Josephine and Jessica jump in to save him and all three wind up thrashing in this shallow water in slow motion while the soundtrack pounds away. Mind you, this water was black and seriously nasty, and there are plenty of shots where poor Glory Annen takes in a mouthful of this muck. Ugh, poor girl. And her character is just so stupid. When Jessica goes in search of clean clothes for Anderson, she happens across a trunk in Josephine's room containing bloody clothes and an enormous switchblade. Just a big ol' box of evidence that Josephine has killed. Yet another reason this relationship needs to be aborted, but Jessica forgets immediately and goes back about her daily routine.

PREY is nuts and for that I give it a recommend. It's a science fiction movie about a cat monster from space (Anderson's normal form is that of a cat person) mixed with a suspense thriller about a young woman trapped in a dangerous relationship with a psychopath; two separate plots tossed in a blender and served as a cheesy, sci-fi sexploitation stew.

Reviewed by manchester_england2004 8 / 10

A superb movie from Norman J. Warren!

PREY is the second of four horror movies made by Norman J. Warren between 1976 and 1981.

I bought this movie as part of the Norman J. Warren Collection, a wonderful coffin shaped boxset containing this movie, along with SATAN'S SLAVE, TERROR and INSEMINOID. The said boxset is loaded with extras and is a must have for any fan of the director's movies. Any cuts made by the censors to previous releases have all been waived, so all four movies are presented in proper uncut versions as the director intended them to be.

In this movie Norman J. Warren continues to demonstrate that he, along with the equally great director, Pete Walker, were the natural successors to Hammer, Amicus and Tigon. The three companies in question had dominated the British horror movie industry for over a decade, having made some truly superb productions. All three had ceased to produce horror movies at this point, paving the way for the two mentioned excellent directors to make independent movies now rightly appreciated as minor classics of low-budget cinema.

There is an exploitation element to this movie that shows the director's passion for experimenting with the subject.

I have to admit that for a while I was put off by the prospect of seeing PREY. Having read the plot of the movie in the leaflet accompanying the boxset I bought, I had expected a movie along the lines of PREDATOR but with a lower budget. I expected to see someone running around with silly monster makeup trying to look scary but instead looking silly.

But, my initial perception was entirely wrong.

To my surprise this movie was better than SATAN'S SLAVE and TERROR, both of which I had seen previously and enjoyed.

The plot is as follows - a cannibal alien arrives in the English countryside looking for somewhere to colonise as its race is dying and needs new food supplies. He stumbles upon a lesbian couple who catch him trespassing on their property. This is the basic outline but this simple set-up brings a great movie to the screen.

The director uses the opportunity to exploit sexual tension as it turns out one of the lesbians actually takes an attraction to the alien, who appears to them in the form of a young human male.

Another excellent tactic used to create tension is the portrayal of the alien as a wild animal during certain points whilst remaining calm and curious to what he sees around him the next. This technique makes the alien unpredictable as we really don't know what may trigger him to attack those around him. But more importantly, the technique eliminates the sense of calmness and tranquility associated with the beautiful English countryside (much of which is no longer here sadly!), and turns it into a potentially lethal battlefield where anyone could be attacked and killed at any time. These scenes are mostly shot during the day in the summertime, perhaps making the impact stronger.

The director knew he was working with a very low budget so he disguised it beautifully by leaving the most horrific images to our imagination. Whilst this may not satisfy those who love to see gore, it will please those who value atmosphere, tension and suspense. Those who love gore do have one treat to enjoy, but I won't spoil it by revealing where and what happens.

A very unusual but highly interesting moment in the second half is during a scene when the alien falls into a dirty lake. He appears unable to swim and the two women help him out. As they go into the water to help him, the camera slows right down as the alien panics violently. You actually get the feeling that he is going to kill them.

But I feel one of the director's finest moments and certainly the best from a directorial viewpoint in this movie is during a scene between the alien and the butch lesbian (who unlike her lover is shown to thoroughly dislike him up to this point). Prior to this scene, the alien has been dressed up like a woman. The two lesbians even decide to put makeup on him so that he appears effeminate. Anyway, he is left alone with the butch lesbian for a moment and there is an incredible scene of sexual tension when it appears that she is about to seduce him. An excellent sad love song plays in the background whilst this scene takes place, providing an electrifying audio effect to support the truly mesmerising visual imagery during this otherwise silent scene.

Looking back at the movie as a whole, it does appear that it is moving slowly. Yet I was captivated by it all the way through. Not one scene bored me in the least. This is a testament to some excellent scriptwriting, backed up by solid direction. Believe it or not, the script was written whilst filming was going on! Incredible!

The acting in this movie is absolutely fantastic. Barry Stokes gives his finest performance here as a genuinely creepy character. Some of his facial expressions reminded me very much of the Norman Bates character from PSYCHO.

The two female leads are equally good, with Sally Faulkner easily being the best of the two as the butch domineering lesbian.

Overall, this is a superb movie that is a lot better than its title and basic plot outline suggest. It is a rare gem from a bygone era, an era when British cinema is now widely considered by movie historians to have been in decline.

I can highly recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of Norman J. Warren's other movies. I can also recommend it to fans of Pete Walker movies and exploitation movie fans in general.

Reviewed by Nightman85 8 / 10

Cult films don't get culty-er than this!

Alien lands on earth and takes on human form only to end-up being a pawn in the lives of a bickering lesbian couple.

The premise of Alien Prey alone will give one a glimpse into the off-beat weirdness that is this strange low budget sci-fi/horror show. Among the crazy offerings you've got animal-men attacking people, an alien in drag, some howlingly bad dialog, a party for a dead fox - its difficult not to find this a tongue-in-cheek effort. Also this bizarre flick has enough sleaze for any exploitation fan thanks to some drawn-out sex scenes. This is all capped off with a surprisingly violent (and bloody) finale and one pleasingly nihilistic ending.

The direction isn't bad and the filming locales are nice. The cast's performances are just erratic enough to add even more weirdness to the film. Sally Faulkner throws out a perfectly 'bitchy' vibe only matched by Barry Stokes' deliciously odd 'stowic' performance as the alien - who you just might be rooting for in the end.

Alien Prey is simply a hoot for cult fans. There's definitely no other film like it and whether you laugh or groan you're bound to be entertained regardless!

*** out of ****

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