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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
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Logan Miller as Toby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flowerstardust1979 1 / 10

I Turned It Off!

After sitting through Sweetheart, which is basically the same movie, released the same year, and equally as boring. Pretty sure that it was also under the same production company as this. After 35 of Logan Miller stumbling around on a dessert island and that was it! Bit of suspenseful music, with nothing suspenseful happening. Off it went. I have no desire to find out what didn't happen for the other 60 minutes.

I'm a huge horror fan. I watch everything. I can't remember the last time I turned something off for being so bad. And recently, the horror films have been very disappointing, but rarely do I turn them off.

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 6 / 10

Did quite ok I'd say.

I wasn't expecting this, a movie with a plot, a direction, quite ok acting and all of that. Thus I was pleasantly surprised to find all of those above and a little more which I will let you discover for yourself.

Prey is a much better movie than it would appear to be at first. It has very good elements for a in the woods horror, and I love the change of direction it suffers. Prey is a good add-on to one's horror collection, so if you have the chance to watch it, go for it. Small budget horrors seem to get more creative lately, of course, excepting the ones that rely solely on gore.


Reviewed by timothygartin 7 / 10

Part Survival Horrow, Part Supernatural Horror, Part Creature Horror

I enjoyed this movie. I did not like the end twist because I thought it trivializes the rest of the movie, but that isn't a disaster. The story is hard to pin down to a particular genre. It has elements of a lot of different types of horror movies: slasher, creature, supernatural and the like. I liked the acting, especially from the lead actor playing Toby. The actress playing Madeline was less believable, but still ok.

The setting was beautiful and was used effectively throughout the movie to build tension in the forest, underwater or in caves.

The main issues I had were related to the end where the lead character suddenly becomes uncharacteristically capable of doing anything. One character calls Toby "Rambo" and I think this is a good characterization. It comes from no where and it seems unreal.

I also did not like the twist ending. However, I still think this is a good one to watch.

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