Printsessa i drakon

2018 [RUSSIAN]

Animation / Family / Fantasy / Musical

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 243

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mathompriv 1 / 10


Avoid. No story, bad CGI, unfunny, uninteresting and disturbing at times.

Reviewed by loubnatabbara 1 / 10

75 mins wasted

Took my kid to the movies to see this, it was a real disappointment. the princess is a spoiled brat, we do not learn why her mom went missing for 7 years, the musicals are horrible, this is a real no go.

Reviewed by silvermistvio 1 / 10

A kind of animation which has too many flaws.

The Princess and the Dragon is a Russian animation, so, it's kind of difficult to write review and also kind of different from American animations.

Compared to some animations made by American animation companies, like Disney and DreamWorks, this animation is way behind them. I don't know about the original animation, what I watched is in English, so, I only write on what I saw.

First of all the story itself is so simple, there isn't anything new. It's all what we all saw all the time. And dialogues are a bit weird. Because of those dialogues, the animation quality becomes quite low.

Second, the voice artists for English version are terrible. The voice actors for the Dragon and the others are still doing okay. But the voice artists for the main character the princess and the queen are the worst. How they talk is not natural. I can feel that they are acting. And their voices are a little sharp and appears to be deliberately made and so, it's difficult to listen. In the other word, it's so bad.

The animation is also not that much good. The way those characters speak is not natural and the way the mouth moves is very different from the words they speak. I know that most animators do it in common way. But it shouldn't be that much different.

What made me so annoyed was the songs. The lyrics are so bad. It's like they want to add songs everywhere in the film. But they don't know their songs are so terrible. At some point, I really wanted to stop watching because of those horrible songs.

Finally, the story. When the queen returns, the princess asks her mother that where she has been in all those years. The queen says she will explain one day and the story ends. The audience doesn't get to know where she's been for many years. If there's another one, it's okay. But if there's not, I'd say they should've explained it.

Overall, the film is not that good. The same-old story, inferior animation, weird dialogues, bad voice actings (and so on) make the animation fall behind. So, I don't really recommend this one to watch. If you want to watch it, watch it with your own risks.

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