Project Wolf Hunting

2022 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1249

prison ship pacific

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Jung So-Min as Lee Da Yeon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by micthom-44565 10 / 10

Absolutely Amazing!

I got to see Project Wolf Hunting at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it was an absolute hit with me, and apparently most of the rest of the audience. Let me start by saying that it is incredibly gory. I had to self-censor several times by just closing my eyes. (I could only stand to see a few head crushings.) So be forewarned. Yes, there is blood everywhere. But I have to admit it fits with the story and the characters, especially Alpha.

I am not going to reveal any of the story. I am not going to ruin it for you. But there are plenty of twists and turns. But I will tell you, this is not just a cops and criminals kind of show. The movie is explosive and moves at a quick, bloody clip. There a plenty of shocks, and you will be kept on the edge of your seat throughout most of the movie. Who will die next? How will they die? And then you reach a point where you don't see how anyone could possibly survive. Yikes!

If you are familiar with some of the actors you are in for a shock with the characters they play. In particular, I was surprised by Seo In Guk, Hang Young Nam and Park Ho San. Seo In Guk is amazing as a blood thirsty gang leader. Wow! Hong Young Nam - who could ever imagine her as a very naughty gangster! She does a fantastic job. Unforgettable! (Hint ... bathroom scene.) And Park Ho San, who I can only see as the kindly operator of a coffee house in "Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?", steals several scenes. But I would have never imagined him playing such a part.

If you watch many Korean TV shows you will see a lot of familiar faces in very out-of-character roles doing incredibly good jobs at scaring the heck out of you.

So thank you Kim Hon Sun for making such a surprisingly shocking and fun film. Please note that he stated at an interview at TIFF that he has already written a prequel and a sequel, and I can hardly wait to see what is next.

Reviewed by giridharsivakoti 6 / 10

How much blood/violence do you need?.....yes!!!

This has to be one of the bloodiest Asian movies that I have seen in recent times. If you're not a fan of R-Rated movies, definitely not recommended for you. But a must watch for R-Rated fans.

The concept isn't unique and feels like a blend of different movies came together. The narration isn't tight as well, but the violence/survival theme keeps you glued for most part. But even with all that blood, the action kind of gets boring in the end, as the action choreography/camera captures doesn't offer anything new.

As an action/sci-fi/horror fan, I did like the movie, but it does feel a little overwhelming on the gore/violence/blood.

PS:There are a couple of twists in the end which sets up a nice base for part 2.

Reviewed by Art Snob 9 / 10

Korean Franchise Launch Redefines "Grand Guignol"

Most of the movies I saw at this year's TIFF were pretty much "eh," but this one made the trip worthwhile. It takes a lot to push the envelope on movie violence, but this film does it! I could tell while watching that it had multiple sequels written all over it, and sure enough, director Hong-seon Kim revealed during the post-screening Q&A that both a prequel and sequel are already in the works.

The structure is highly similar to ALIEN: dealing with a monstrous menace from inside a contained space. Instead of a spaceship and its crew, we have a ship that's being used to transfer criminals extradited from the Philippines to Korea. They stage an escape attempt that's plenty bloody, but things are just getting started.

Also on the ship is a humanoid biological experiment that gets freed in the turmoil. From this point on, the bloody mayhem kicks into fourth gear. The monstrous one-time human is a merciless killing machine like you've never seen before. He rips people apart with his bare hands and spares nobody. Dubbed "Alpha," he makes Freddy Kruger look like Santa Claus. The film includes a brief backstory on how he came into existence -- so you know that there's no way that this can be a singular appearance.

Hong-seon Kim has certainly put together an impressive high-octane splatterfest. I detected some Michael Haneke influence in that he seems to delight in confounding your conditioned expectations as to how things are going to unfold. Know going in that the surprises are many and nothing's sacred.

Not for the faint of heart -- to put it mildly -- but if you can take movies with graphic violence, this one's a not-to-miss. It definitely succeeds in making you look forward to continuation.

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