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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers
Idris Elba as Janek
Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FountainPen 4 / 10

Bad casting, too long, great idea messed up !

The Captain and the scientist Elizabeth Shaw were mis-cast. Idris Elba trying to play a Southern black was laughable, pathetic, and his part contributed next to nothing to the storyline. The female scientist was immensely annoying, yelled and screamed a lot, very unattractive, came across as a tradityional sterotyped hysterical woman, sorry. The movie just went on and on and on; At 1 hour 35 minutes I was praying for it to end VERY SOON! Cinematrography was excellent, most special effects very professionally done. The android character David (Michael Fassbender) was terrific ~ now that's acting! Charlize Theron did a great job, too, in a very difficult part. Smaller roles well-handled. Btw, it was very easy to anticipate the big surprise regarding the guy who had financed the trillion-dollar venture! Had the film been one hour 30 minutes, I would probably have awarded 6/10, but as it is, 4/10 is the maximum I can manage, and sci-fi is one of my most favourite genres.

Reviewed by ohhelloo 9 / 10

Why the hate

I loved this film and the exploration of the Aliens universe without it being a re take on Aliens itself.

Reviewed by e-96997 2 / 10

A thing without soul and logic characters actions

Very short text on this film. There are tons of things to say but even after multiple visions, the impression of quality is only diminished each time. So why spend time on it?

Why is "Prometheus" a big disappointment with the quality of the 1st Alien by the same Ridley Scott? When we look at the making of the film, we see that their goal was to give answers to the unexplained things of the first. What is also a quality in a film, because it gives the viewer something to question. The problem is that they have put these unresolved questions on the table and have randomly arranged the answers, which gives this fuzzy scenario and makes it indigestible. They focused on giving answers instead of creating an original, engaging story that makes us tickle with the characters. Result: a soulless and harmless film with which one can always theorize and explain the semi-proven infos. But this is only the mind walking its way in a labyrinth. A good film transports us, raises us and feeds us, including a thriller. This film encloses us in a wriggle whose answer is without interest. The goal being ambitious: the origins of life. But at no time did I feel the slightest chill on this subject. A tortuous story and irrational characters prevent any involvement.

This contrasts so much with the immense qualities of Alien the 8th passenger, a scenario that has passed through many hands and which in its time was innovative, that makes it dizzy.

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