1992 [POLISH]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 4888

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denis888 7 / 10

Too brutal but then too real

Many people who watched it paid attention only to the blown heads and dead bodies, but this is just the surface of this underrated and very smart film. What is below the cover remains the most important - that terrible transitional period of Poland from Communism to Capitalism was very traumatic for many people. Maybe, because we in Russia witnessed the same tragedy of transition, that is why this film appeals so much to my compatriots. The tragedy of honest policemen is what here is the main theme. They cannot so easily change with the hard times, they are constantly booed and hunted upon, being charged with the idiotic claim that they were the Communist times workers. But the, everybody was! To see the final scene when the hero of Boguslaw Linda is fired from the police on the silly pretext that he was sympathetic with the Soviet regime is so painful. And who are those judges who fired him? Didn't they serve the Soviets too? Watch it again, think harder and you will see the deep inner sense of this film - change is always hard...

Reviewed by slawekpan 8 / 10

You need to be from Poland to understand this film...

Film "Psy" by Pasikowski is not only an action movie about police officer. It's also about people handling with change from communism to democracy. What is shown in this picture, for a citizen of USA, or Great Britan may be surreal, but it is pretty much what was happening during the transformation of system with security service. If you want to see a good entertainment it's a waste of time to watch this, but if you are from country with communist period in history, you may have a deja vu, of what you were reading in newspapers a few years ago. It is all about corruption, adaptability to changing circumstances, fear, bi-polarized society, and in addition of course friends and women being unreliable. I'm from Poland and I gave an 8.

Reviewed by hebda-joanna 9 / 10

Great film about people lost in the new reality

Reading the reviews here, I've seen that only people from countries which have dealt with communism understood the true meaning of this film. It can put off with the amount of blood and dead corpses shown in the movie, but I've seen worse in the American ones. Also we can't find a good character here - all of the policemen are cynical and brutal. Their boss is burning down archives which may contain important things from the old times. But we see the reaction when gangsters shoot to the officers - they're confused, nobody has ever shoot to a policeman in the past. We see the reign of mafia, the first ruthless bosses which America met in the 20s and Poland in the 90s and the officers who found a job there after being fired because they used to serve the wrong people. It shows us how a normal man has no influence on his life during a political transformation and how hard it is to change way of thinking when you were raised in a completely different situation. The film has great witty dialogs and the characters are constructed finely as well. Almost all the roles are played by the best Polish actors and in my opinion it's one of the best Polish movies since the 1989.

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