Psycho Beach Party


Comedy / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 5535

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Lauren Ambrose as Florence 'Chicklet' Forrest / Ann Bowman
Thomas Gibson as Kanaka
Nicholas Brendon as Starcat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nixar55 7 / 10

Peachy keen!

This film really grew on me. It's got great actors (namely Nicholas Brendan and Lauren Ambrose), a great throwback sense of style, and very clever dialogue. I can't tell if this film is intentionally hysterical (I think it is, but some's hard to tell.) I also really liked some of the characters, including police"woman" Monica Stark. All in all, a light-hearted summer movie, perfect for a few good laughs.

Reviewed by touche75 8 / 10

out of the ordinary

I have to say the first time I watched this movie I couldn't even sit through the whole show. Fortunately for me that particular summer HBO played it in excess. Eventually I found myself looking to see when it was on again and watching it every time. This movie is a definite "send-up" to all those campy movies we either loved or hated, and this movie is definitely in the "love-it or hate it" category. Give yourself enough heads up to be up for anything and you too will add this to your "must see's" of cult classics. Most of the actors are unknown, some you may recognize from various TV shows. the story line is quirky at times but the cast works well together to pull this off.

Reviewed by nathan-mcgee6 2 / 10

Complete snooze fest

I really liked the concept of the movie. A parody both on the slasher craze of the 80s and the teen beach movies of the 60s but sadly it didn't deliver the fun as it promised.

The story is really badly written and the acting is just horrible. But it's supposed to be funny but it wasn't funny. The jokes are awful and didn't give me a chuckle and the cinematography is enough to to anyone a headache.

It's a complete snooze fest. I literally found myself falling asleep more than I was laughing at the movie and that's not a good sign. I will not recommend this snooze fest to anyone not even a fan of horrible movies, check out scary movie or the 80s gem Student Bodies.

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